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Amendment in title after gig publish

Can someone tell me why gig url remains same even after amendment in gig title?
Secondly, is it effect on gig’s page ranking?

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That’s how it was coded. Perhaps it’s done to prevent cheating (people getting reviews for one service, and then changing the title and the description and pretending that they’ve got reviews for their new service).


You got a point, but I think most of the buyers cannot figure out this.

So are you going to do as @catwriter said in this post? :thinking: Wouldn’t that be dishonest? :scream:

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Lol. I have already changed my gig title, would it still consider dishonest with zero rating profile? :joy:
But if fiver allow you to change title then I think there is no bad in this if any one do.

Imagine if you made a silly typo in the title, but couldn’t change it.

Of course they’re going to allow sellers to change the gig title, but that option shouldn’t be abused to mislead buyers.


There was a Buyer once who posted screen shots of the gig title and the url. He was angry they did not agree. He was going to report it to CS. :zipper_mouth_face: