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Amendment to usernames / sign-up process

The forum almost daily gets people asking how to change their username, and helpful forum users keep spending time to tell them it’s not possible.

My main suggestion is, if it’s possible with the Fiverr site at all, to either offer it (for a fee, so people won’t want to change their username on a weekly basis) or, if technically possible at all (I know sites that have this, so in theory at least, it is) to introduce the option of a display name, so that the username is only used internally, to not break content, but the display name is what people actually see (would need to be unique too, obviously).

If it’s not possible or wanted at all, it would be good to clearly make people aware that the username you choose is not just a backend but your frontend name too and that you won’t be able to ever change it. At least then, new people signing up won’t be stuck with a name they didn’t think was the name their customers will see, that has typos, etc. (a big and clear notification would make many think and check twice most probably).


There is Fiverr article with:

  • Your username cannot be changed once you’ve activated your account.
  • Your username is your display name (within your Fiverr URL), so choose it wisely.
  • Your username can be up to 15 characters max. and cannot contain special characters.

But this should be in front when you are making account, not between articles tho


Yes, that’s what I meant, it’s backwards.
Many people don’t even read the ToS when they sign up, much less the help pages.

I surely only read those (‘academy’ back then) after I’d signed up and was exploring the links on my page.


I agree. They could add a display name to the database and change the whatever code is required to display/use that. If every user has a unique user id maybe that would make it easier to change the name without adding a separate display name field. They might still want to add a table that stores the user name history though.

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