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Amount received less than Actual


There was 32 USD in my account but when I request for payment via Paypal, I received only $31.36 USD

Why is this so, Where is my 0.64 USD. As Fiverr already charged 20% for using its platform.



Paypal withdrawal is not for free: it takes a little percent of the amount withdrawn capped to $1.

If you withdraw more than $50, then you will pay only $1… that’s the reason you should not withdraw small amount of money…


Not at all sure that user Mark74 has this correct as I recently withdrew today for $140 and fiverr took $5 straight up - that’s certainly more than the implied $1 cap Mark74 has suggested.

Here’s the thing though…I’ve been a user here for nearly two years now - and until about maybe…one month ago - I’ve never once noticed or seen fiverr take an additional dollar above the TWENTY percent they already make on their sellers - but now I’ve seen it three transactions in a row. My personal issue - is that this is a change that has been made without informing the sellers.

Now that I can see they plan on continuing to take more than the 20% through the backdoor…I’ll personally be examining my options as a seller and seeing what else is available as a service like fiverr. 20% was more than enough for us all to part with - anything above that…well…I just don’t see that as a fair deal with all the hard work and effort I’ve put in here.


Reply to @thebeefsolver: I just made a withdrawal to Paypal yesterday, $130. And as I expected, I got $129.00 placed in my account because Paypal took their $1.00 fee.

Perhaps you should file a report with customer support, since obviously there is no change in Fiverr’s usual policy regarding earnings.


Does PayPal extract a foreign exchange fee?


Reply to @ricksper: I thought that was a fee charged by the bank, in other words, not a fee charged by PP to bring funds into a PP account. But that’s a good question, since I’m U.S. based & so wouldn’t see anything like that. However the OP has been on Fiverr for 2 years and never previously had that extra amount taken out, so this is a new occurrence for him. Possibly PP has started charging a FE fee. Presumably he should’ve been notified by PP (I get notices & requests to sign up for stuff with them all the time!).


Here Fiverr charge 20% again it charge some amount for withdrawal and Again Paypal USD rate is lower than actual to our country. Paypal deduct 0.05 % from actual amount. WTF


Banks charge currency exchange fees. Fiverr isn’t a bank. Paypal is an e-commerce company which facilitates fund transfers and online payments. I didn’t think Paypal charged currency exchange fees, but I’m not sure.

Because of changes in Indian law about 3 or 4 years ago, Paypal had to change how it dealt with Indian members, including compliance with reserve bank of India regulations and the addition of some fees. So, @dkpatel, you should direct your anger at Indian legislators who passed the laws that caused that to happen.

That’s “WTF”.