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Amount transferring option

Hello all
i am thinking one of a things fiverr can do for all seller’s.
they may be need to open an option on withdrawal money that “How much you wanna withdraw” !
because seller also need to keep some balance on there for buying and rest of the money will withdraw.
what do you think please let me know.
thank you


Yes you are right.

Its very very important.

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i am hoping fiverr will update about this as soon.

Yes, that’s true, there should be option to specify the amount of money to withdraw

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thank you for appreciating

yeah it is very important. fiverr should take this seriously.

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Thanks for supporting Man

agreed this would be a handy feature

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nice suggestion :slight_smile: :+1:

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I have actually mentioned this to Fiverr a while back.

Currently Fiverr allows for $5000 increments but that’s all.


Thanks for agreeing .yes it will.

thank you so much mate.hope fiverr will look into it asap

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the pending clearance also take so long period and i cannot figure out how much will i withdraw or how
much will i keep why i thought most of seller may be face this problem like me.
hope fiverr will update with this feature as soon as possible