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An Accidental Thumbs Down killing my sales

Hey there,

I went on Vacation on Friday last week and I came back Sunday Night,

Prior to going on Vacation I was sure that I completed all orders but it seems that I missed one since I have seen that an order got cancelled (automatically) due to late delivery when I logged in my account.

This was purely a mistake and it will not be done again, however since I am still a new seller here… having a thumbs down looking so bad like this will surely not help me get more sales,

So I ask of you to please have the cancellation feedback removed,

P.S The buyer has already gave his consent to have the feedback removed and he clearly showed that he has no issues with doing so,

I’ve submitted a ticket over 2 days ago, but no one has replied to me yet… I mean really?

The gig is located here:

The REQUEST # is 742916

Thank you,


Dora, nobody in the forum can help you. Only Customer Support can, and they receive tons of tickets daily, so you might have to wait a bit more.

Customer Support are taking an average of around 9 days to get back to people, I’m a level 2 with higher priority ticket service and haven’t heard from them on mine in 8 days already so you’re definitely looking at something like 2 weeks wait.

It seems like they’re completely overloaded and for some reason aren’t hiring more staff to deal with it.

Don’t worry too much, they WILL take it down with the customer consent.