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An alternate perspective regarding buyer feedback

I thought I’d share a different perspective on leaving buyer feedback. I’m curious what you think.

Placing comments in reviews are no different than anything else we write or post on our profiles or gig pages. “Every word” has a “marketing impact”, either good, or bad.

And considering that even buyers like receiving positive comments too, you can use this to your advantage to help influence others behavior as well. Consider being mindful of the opportunity each time you leave positive feedback and leave behind a tidbit that might be helpful for the next person that places an order.


  • Thank your for being so well prepared. It makes for a better product and a smoother more enjoyable process.
  • Thank you for paying attention to the requirement for transparent images, what you gave me is perfect and end result is better than it would have been otherwise.
  • It’s always nice working with people who know exactly what they want, and yet still value my feedback. Collaboration is powerful.
  • You must have done your research in regard to how to create a script. Wow, it sure made it huge difference.
  • Working with kind, patient, and thoughtful people always seems to result in a better product. Thank you.

    The point is that other buyers see these notes and have a chance to learn how their experience can be better too. If you just post “Thanks” then you miss this opportunity.

    For negative reviews, also consider that leaving a thumbs down has no real impact as far as I can see. Buyers compare sellers based on reviews, but sellers don’t really do the same with buyers. So when you get a bad review (as I did just yesterday), talk about how you did everything you could, or illustrate how the alternative wasn’t feasible.

    As a buyer myself, if I see a seller say “Worst Buyer Ever!” or similar, I won’t order from that person. I look at their gig, and first review the negative ratings. Then I look for the positives. I don’t think I’m alone here.

    And when somebody visits your gig and they see all this constructive feedback and praise you gave, they feel more invested. It’s also likely that they’ll reflexively take your side when presented with a negative review.

    Anyway, just another perspective I thought might be worth sharing.


I always take the time to write a nice comment about my buyers. I feel fortunate that they have taken the time to look over my gigs, trusted me enough to spend money on them, then taken more time to write a review. Especially since what I sell can be looked at as having little importance, or are frivolous. But I genuinely enjoy what I do. I suppose it’ll happen sometime that someday someone will be displeased, and I hope I’m gracious enough to not let emotion play into my response.

I’ve seen some of those really obnoxious (and very immature) seller responses to negative reviews you’re referring to. Those are sellers I would avoid like the plague because they obviously can’t handle any dissension & just come across as self-important.

I got to understand the real importance to responding to buyers’ reviews be it positive or negative; sometimes saying a simple “thank you” to the buyer’s positive feedback would go a long way to make the buyer a returning buyer.

Generally, seller’s wise and polite response to any negative feedback without trying to be rude will naturally clear the air for potential buyers. At least a genuine clarification geared towards bringing in a change!