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An artist's dilemma

to basic or not to basic?!

As an artist, you’re used to giving your all to everything from the rough sketches to the complete masterpieces, however things are different with packaged gigs.

basic packages for example may look very unfinished and you can’t help but give them some shading and smooth out the lines, accidentally making them into premium quality.

would love to hear your experience and thoughts on this subject.
stay safe!

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So… are you asking us how you should organize your packages? :wink:


You need to make everything you deliver into premium quality. Rather than try to give something not as good for a basic package find some way to make the basic a really premium product, and the top of the line package something even better.

I dislike package gig for that reason, among others. Making clients choose between three levels of service does not make any sense to me in most cases.

I suggest not having packages at all and then having extras that can be added to your gig. (by this I mean just having one “package” instead of three.)

When you have three packages you can’t help but think you are being asked to pay a lot more just to get a super good service. And if you don’t want to pay a lot more you can expect an inferior service. It’s not a good idea at all.
It creates a negative impression, like you can’t win either way.

Aside from all of that, if others out there are like me, I get bogged down trying to figure out what package to get and finally give up and leave that gig.


It depends on the type of service you are offering and what the client needs? The packages are pretty helpful if the type of service you are offering involves a lot of process. That’s why I clarify with my clients up to what level of detail they are looking for and give samples of the possible output using previous works. As long as they know what to expect, you’ll know when to stop. Bottom line, the final output should always be presentable no matter what package it may be. :slight_smile:


It requires a decision to be made which can be confusing. Struggling with which package can be frustrating and while someone seriously wants to buy your gig it becomes a challenge to deal with what package to get. It becomes much easier to simply find a different gig.

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I had a similar thought recently. I finished a basic package order and just after a premium package order and the final product was almost the same. That’s a good sign that i need to update my packages.

The big question is what is less when you create packages?

One thing is sure, the quality should be the same no matter which package you offer. But apart from the quality, you can include other things in your packages that make clear difference between basic and premium package. One thing is different level of customer support, the number of revisions, what is included in the package etc.

One more experienced seller was advising to even create completely different products from one package to another. Thats a good thought. Still haven’t figured out how to implement it though

Anyway don’t forget that nobody obliges you to use packages. You can do without them.


Each of my packages includes a finished product of the same quality and complexity. The difference is in type of file and kind of file the person is getting. You want to edit the file without my involvement? Buy a Standard package. You want to edit multiple formats of the file without my involvement? Buy a Premium.

It saves from issues issues of “You delivered something that is entirely different from what you advertise”.

I’d sell the front or the side view of a car for Basic, perspective for Standard, both for Premium if I were you.

I’d also clean up the sketches and display them on white paper. The sketchbook presentation is charming and all but your work is great and you cheapen it by presenting it the way you do, in my opinion. Unless you need checkered paper to draw but I’d still clean it up as much as possible.


Perhaps :shushing_face:

Thank you so much for your advice and much needed feedback, really appreciate it ^^.