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An Effective Solution to the BIG Mutual Cancellation Problem


Hate mutual cancellations? Hate the idea of having your ratings take a hit because some with a potato for a brain ordered without thinking?

Well, now there is an immediately deployable solution which will stop your ratings taking a hit. Here’s how it works:

Your buyer has to send you a request to cancel. Then you have to reject this request. It’s that simple. - This is because when you do, the order doesn’t automatically cancel after a certain number of days, it just sits there in perpetual dispute status. - Basically, exactly like an order which never starts because a buyer doesn’t supply the details.

I discovered this solution by accident as a buyer ordered and sent a request immediately to cancel. Because this would be the 5th such incident in 60-days, I declined to accept the cancellation and in my response offered a compromise where I could offer something like what the buyer was looking for.

All the above was a week ago. The order didn’t automatically cancel, the buyer disappeared, and my ratings have not taken a hit at all.

So, to save yourself from being ground into Fiverr mincemeat after the New Year because of the flaws in the new rating system, simply start rejecting mutual cancellation requests.

Of course, this is possibly a bug in the Fiverr system. Since, however, bugs themselves don’t usually gey fixed, you might as well exploit the above work around. That said, when you do reject a request to cancel, do try to di the right thing by offering the buyer a compromise. i.e. - If you do writing and a buyer says they actually wanted a logo, say something like:

'Sorry, I can’t agree to cancel as I haven’t actually failed to deliver on the service described in my gig. I obviously can’t provide you with a logo, however, I would be willing to write a killer sales copy for use in your current marketing efforts. Alternatively, please contact Fiverr CS to request a refund etc etc."

Order cencellation

Neat tip, but…

What do I do when I suddenly have a few students placing multiple orders every day because they don’t want to do their own schoolwork and I’m the one who wants to cancel?



Tell them you are sorry but they will need to send you a cancellation request as this is out of the bounds of what you provide. Moreover, if they don’t you will provide something which is in the bounds of your gig description.

I have just done exactly this with a buyer who has asked for onsite SEO and video work on top (and FOC) of what they have paid for.

I’ve said NO. I’ve told them what I will deliver. And I’ve told the buyer to instigate cancellation if they are not happy.

The time for sellers having to bear the weight of potato brained order cancellations is over. This is the answer. How you use it is up to your own ingenuity.


There are some buyers that keeps on sending the cancellation request each time you decline, I had a buyer that sent the request over 7 time until I got tired of it and just accepted the request.


If someone asked you to slap your real-world boss in the face, would you actually hit your boss on the 8th occasion?

Saying no to cancellations is easy. Simply visualize yourself as a single mother with only an empty box of cigarettes to her name. Then say what you would say to a local drug kingpin asking you to smuggle a case of Meth to Canada.

The answer is no every time unless there’s a detached house and a suitcase of money on the table. Saying ‘yes’ without that kind of assurance is just silly.

Play cancellation ping pong. Just pay to win and you’ll be fine.


Thanks for this idea but there is something I don’t understand.
What abount the countdown? Is it marked that you are late ? Has the countdown stopped ?


I like it but mine never want to cancel.


After 2 years , today mi BEST SELLER GIG is droped in the second place,just because I had 19 in 60 days.Ordered by mistake, I will reorder, and not respect gig requirement and description.
I think it’s best to say NO, and to give exactly what you have in the description.


@gogugmg What is your completion rate now?

According to the method the OP mentioned you could have refused to cancel those 7 that were initiated by the buyer. Then they would not have counted against you.


Kinda off topic, but not really.

Do you see a price point to your cancellations? I’m wondering, if majority of cancellations request or “ordered by mistake” comes from buyer over or under $20.

Just curious and being :nose: y.


Yes most are $5 ones. That’s why I want to raise prices but have had a bad experience with the four gigs I did that on. They almost stopped getting sales and I’m not sure why. I think they are invisible now.


Completion rate is 98%


and what you’ll do if buyer threatens you to give a negative rating if not refund?


Ignor him. Buyers should not be threatening negative reviews, and YOU don’t have to give in to his threats. So you get a negative review. Post your response to that review, and move on. If you stop giving in to the fear of negative reviews, those threats of negative reviews will become powerless and inconsequential.

Don’t live in fear. Rise above it.

What to do if a buyer threatens you to give negative rating if not refund?

You had 19 cancellations in 60 days with a 98% completion rate, you have a LOT of orders then.

How do you find time to do all that?

How many hours a night do you sleep? Seriously.

My suggestion is to raise your prices on your best selling gig! No reason to be starting at $5 on that. You have enough orders to triple your prices on that.

Try $10 $20 and $35.


I DON’T THINK this tip will work!
Simply, if the buyer goes to CS, then they will cancel the order.I’m sure about this!


I work 8 maximum 12 hours/day in 2-3 power PC.There is no problem with the number of orders, now have 10-20 / day. Last year’s maximum order was 80/ 24-48 hours. The $ 5 price is due to the competition that offers the same price for the same service, TRS and others with 5-7k 5***** 80% of orders are with an extra option.Last year we had only 3-4 active GIGS, now I have 17. Now I’m working on 3 more to reach the maximum number of 20.
On time delivery i have 100% .



But how ever those cancellations will effect your ratings.

Few days ago one buyer ordered by mistakenly. I contacted CS and here what I got

" Hi Anu,

Sorry to hear of that.

Sure I can, however, make sure to remember that all cancellations are now included in your Completion rate, as well as mutual cancellations.

Having this, let me know if you would like me to proceed with the cancellation or you can simply accept your buyer’s dispute, it will be counted the same.




very helpful, thanks for sharing


Your making even more money that the people who created most of what you sell are. Well done. Long live Envato Sudios