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An entire year goes by, and negative feedback

What is the amount of time a Buyer can post a negative review? An entire year later, I have just received a negative review because the Buyer never added the required gig extra to their order for specific requests. I communicated with them, however no response at the time, the Buyer fell off the face of the earth. Now and entire year goes by and they decide to respond and add negative feedback all of a sudden? It was explained to them that not all requests can be honored for $5 and that their requests were not included in my original $5 gig as listed in the description, but require a gig extra. They did agree to remove the feedback if I redo the order, but an entire year later? is this fair? I feel like I’m being taken advantage of and blackmailed. I thought that Fiverr allotted only so much time to post a review

Update: Buyer told me that they did not want the gig extras at the time. I told them that I would redo the order over, but not include extras this time. Buyer is not satisfied with this route

If they have never left a review on an order then they can leave it whenever they wish :slight_smile:

Sheesh, even criminals get protection by a statute of limitations.

I might actually contact CS about this with screenshots of the messages where you clarified your services and explained that what he is asking for is outside the scope of your $5 gig. If he left negative feedback based on the fact that you didn’t give him extra services for free or provide him with something you don’t even offer, CS may remove the feedback.

A few months ago, a buyer left negative feedback for my gig because I didn’t deliver within one day, although he didn’t even purchase a gig extra for expedited service (I think my normal delivery time was about a week at that time). After contacting CS and clarifying that the feedback was basically left because he didn’t receive a free extra for absolutely no reason, it was removed.

Maybe you could give that a whirl?

In the amount of time it takes for CS to respond, I decided to kiss his butt and just gave him what he wanted. Gotta do what ya gotta do sometimes I guess. It sucks that some people have to be difficult and try to take advantage of you to the fullest extent.

Well I guess next time I’ll have to give it a try. However, Fiverr should really have a feedback cut off to prevent this from happening

ricksper said:
  • Sheesh, even criminals get protection by a statute of limitations.

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  • There is no limitation in place for criminal cases. Civil cases, yes. However you can be prosecuted whenever if you commit a crime.

    I’m facing this issue now! After almost a year, this rude buyer has left a negative review on my order page. She wanted an existing PR revamped by adding in new information. She wanted the delivery fast and I told her to purchase the extra gig. She refused to do so and I finally agreed to deliver the work earlier at no EXTRA COST.

    I’m going to the CS to have the feedback removed. Is there anything else I can do?