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An error when filling description in my personal info box when create the account

i am a new user and when i was going to create a account to sell my skills.but when i fill the description box in personal info section it always show a error as ‘For your security ,please don’t include any URL in your description’…but i didn’t included any URL. i also checked about any grammar or spelling mistake but i haven’t done any mistake.but it keeps showing as a error and don’t allow me to click the continue button to fill other sections.what should I do?


You could try using Chrome if you’re not already. Are you typing in plain text of have you pasted something into it (eg. something that contains special characters)? Or have you checked there’s not something that could make it look like a URL even if it wasn’t eg. “://” etc.? You could try typing a smaller amount of text and see if that works and then add the full amount later.

You could also contact CS via the helpdesk option with a screenshot of the problem or if that’s not possible, you could use the address.


basically just removed all punctuation marks.


If you are facing this type of problem "For your security, please don’t include URL in your description._________ "
Just give EXTRA 2 SPACES after every dot(.) and you are good to go then. Because it worked perfectly for me…