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An extremely worst buyer

Hello Everyone,

The buyer received work checked and now asking to cancel without any solid reason.

the work worths $290 and I put my efforts for 3 days.
and he is just blackmailing that he will report me so I will have to refund him, what the hell is this?

I’m an Architect & Interior Designer, and I’m Pro Experienced. I’ve been on Fiverr from Feb 2019, It’s been one year and I haven’t really good experience with some buyers

Few Buyers are very cheap and mean, I don’t know in what environment they brought up and from where they educated where educated.

few buyers are just selfish don’t care about others and start hurting them and hunting for new sellers to get free work,
Fiverr should take action against such insects, who are trying to remove quality sellers from Fiverr,

In this case, Fiverr will not be reliable anymore and it will lose it’s worth among its competitors.

now I’m waiting for the cancellation, definitely, Fiverr will support that buyer who may not come again to Fiverr to buy something.

Raise Your hands for Sellers, Doesn’t matter if we are buyers we respect sellers and about their efforts.



Sorry you’re experiencing this. You might find some help in this recent awesome answer to a similar post: Cancelled order after bad review