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An idea to stop buyers seeking refunds and free work

So many times, after delivering the work, some buyers come up with excuses and ask for hard things so you end up offering a mutual cancellation because you can’t do it or you’re afraid from a bad rating you might get, so the buyers get’s a free work that he can download or use and also gets a refund.

So to preven that, why don’t fiverr staff make an option when the seller delivers the work, the buyer can’t download it untill the order is completed, he can preview it on the order page, and if it does not work and the order is cancelled, the buyer can’t download the work and use it for free.

I know this might not work for all gig categories, but it can be applied to gigs delivering : videos, voiceovers and audio files, graphic work…

I’m saying this because some buyers really make problems after delivery to get a refund and a free work while the seller ends up wasting time on a job he’s not gonna get paid for and getting a cancelled order which might affect he’s profile…

So what does everybody think of this ?

To make it work they would need to approve it and leave positive feedback before delivery, and not have the ability as they do now to cancel after delivery.

Some sellers show the finished work with a big watermark on it which does not get removed until the buyer approves it.

Terrific idea DZ, I like that you are thinking of solutions to this issue! :smiley: Hopefully this doesn’t happen to you any more times and CS can stop if it ever does, ttyl xo.

Some gigs are more subjective than others, and will result in a greater demand for refunds. Which gig is giving you trouble? The logo or whiteboard?

it’s the whiteboard gig, sometimes buyers ask for edits or animations i can’t do, if i say i can’t do it, i might have a negative feedback so i offer cancellation, and the buyer just uses the video i delivered anyway and gets a refund to

No it’s not like that, they can preview it in the order page, like when we deliver video or audio files even graphics works, they have a preview of it, if they like it they can complete the order and then the download button appears to them to download the work.

if they don’t like it, they can ask for modifications and if it does not work between the seller and the buyer, they can mutually cancel but the buyers won’t have access to the delivered work after cancellations, so he can’t use it as some buyers do, they use the work they didn’t like even after cancellation, to them it’s better than nothing and they got their money back

Yes i hope so, thanks :slight_smile:

You need to be more specific about what you are offering. If people want something other than that you should offer it for more or tell them you cant do that. The idea of cancelling after delivering your gig because they want something you don’t offer is completely ridiculous.
Be specific, say exactly what the gig covers and let them know that this is all it covers.

You also offer unlimited revisions which means that you are giving the buyer permission to ask for more over and over. I suggest you remove that from your gig description.
Sellers need to understand that they have to deliver what they offer. If you can’t deliver it then don’t offer it.

I think you should offer two free revisions only. Is there a way to show them the order after you do it without actually giving it to them? Can you post it on youtube or someplace so they can see it instead of downloading it?

just try to work things out with the buyer until things go well.


Yeah, try approaching it politely. I had a seller send me a mailbox message swearing at me because I mentioned that communication had been difficult with them. That was the truth and he didn’t like his review. If he had been more diplomatic about it I would certainly have considered rewording my review.
However, some seller’s have terrible english and communicating is a problem - things get misinterpreted.

I agree. Unlimited revisions isn’t something you can deliver…certainly not for $5.
It’s also unfair to the buyer to let them think they will get unlimited revisions. While most rational people will know this already, they will say “But your gig ad says UNLIMITED revisions”…and guess what? They are correct

Ohh also. Most of your reviews are great. One or two unhappy people isn’t a big deal. I notice on one review who said “unacceptable experience” your reply was “Sorry about that, we were having tech problems”
Even though the review was bad, your response was very nice.
To me that means you are reasonable to deal with, so it’s actually positive.
Frankly, for a seller who offers unlimited revisions for $5 dollars, I’m amazed there are not more disgruntled reviews LOL

Thank you guys, I think i should do something about the unlimited revisions yes, to me it’s just that i hate seeing the buyer unhappy or if he asks for something politely and i can’t do it, i feel bad about it.
Thank you guys, i’ll try to work it out and use your advices :slight_smile:

If you say unlimited revisions, that is what you must give them.
I don’t offer any revisions on my orders however I have always done them anyway. This gives me the option to both look after my clients until they are satisfied but if they are unreasonable then I can tell them that I am not doing any more. I have never had to tell a client “no” as I think that they understand.
Your initial conversation with them is also very important - try to give them what they want first time instead of inviting revisions.

Amazing, I assumed people would be picky with the logo, because they’re super picky with brand names. Yet that’s not the case here.

Between the terrible English and swearing at people he sounds like a nightmare seller.

If it’s only a picture they can copy it from the order page.

I love this idea! I just spent three days on an order for an impossible client. It resulted in a refund. No matter what I did, they were not happy. Sometimes I feel that these parasites do it on purpose, keeping me from doing my other work, thus resulting in late deliveries, and fewer orders.