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An important question to ask clients before writing a blog post for them

If you want to deliver value to your clients, you must understand their needs better. Clients tell you the Keywords, References etc, but in today’s content scenario, it is just not enough.

Here’s a BIG Question, which I think most of the writer never ask their clients.

What will be the goal of this blog post?

Web Content is getting more and more targeted these days and it’s smart to write with the ultimate goals in mind.

Especially If you are a multi-niche writer who writes on probably every topic, this question will help you build momentum for starting the article.

Some of the common goals of blog posts are

Promorting a product or a service
Attracting fresh audience
Providing answer to a certain question
Ranking highly in search engines
Convert readers into buyers
Influence someone
Get more backlinks

These are some of the common goals of a blog post, but be sure the client tells you what he wants his/her blog post to do so that you can structure your article accordingly.

The client may be clear about the goal of the post inside his/her head but he or she may not tell you about it, so make it a point to ask.

If he or she is simply not clear about the goal of a post, you can suggest some and maybe they get a feel for what their goal should be.

This question always brings value to me and my client both.


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