An important question


Hey Guys Its gonna be a week, not a single order :persevere: :persevere: when will I get an order???


When you stop waiting for Godot.


if you do nothing, you will get nothing., try to send BR frequently., . you may get at least one order out of 100 BR in 10 days., it will works when you do with confidence, in a right way. don’t just give up !!


The other comments on here are right - you have to make this work. Get on Buyer Requests, promote what you do on social media, connect with people.

You are a web developer - create a website that promotes what you do and directs your audience back to your Fiverr gigs.


Hi @zowhair,
I have just checked your gigs. The Description and titles are not relevant. Use SEO rich Keywords in your title and descriptions and also use relevant tags while creating your gig.
I can see the introductory lines in your profile. Be Professional. As this account is for your business. Give it a professional touch. Buyers aren’t interested to know about hobbies of the sellers. They just need to hire a person who will be best for their projects. So You’d give your profile a professional touch. Keep searching your gig by tags (Whatever you used for your gig) to check on which page your gig lies in search page. Don’t lose hope. Everyone Starts with the same experience. Hardwork is much mean to start any business. So take Fiverr as your business. Share your gigs on social media for promotion. Head towards Buyer Requests section and send custom offers to relevant requests. Wish you best of luck for your freelancing services.

Kind Regards,
Asfand Yar


Hi, must be find your problem and solve yourself. :v::v:


Only a week? :hushed: :scream: OMG, the sky is falling! :rainbow:


Hmmm…:confused: point to be noted :face_with_monocle:


Thanks… Bro! :heart_eyes:




Thanks :star_struck::smile:


Use the buyer requests section. It will be incredibly useful at getting you your first order.