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An inquiry about the watermark feature

Hi everybody,
Just wanted to know: does the watermark feature keep appearing until the buyer mark the order as complete, and then if he/she did so, it will disappear and the buyer will be able to download the delivered work?
I know it’s kinda silly question but I need to know the answer please!

Not that I know of. It stays until they approve the image and then you can send one without it in an attachment.

No, I meant the automatic watermark feature on Fiverr, not the one some sellers add to their artwork :slight_smile:

As far as I know, the watermark will automatically disappear from the delivered image once the work is accepted. But it remains with the Portfolio image.

Nope it stays on if you add it to your delivery. It has to be sent as a separate attachment, not uploaded by the fiverr system.

Respectfully, I disagree. My own experience has been that I have not had to re-upload any delivered watermarked work after the order has been marked complete and buyers who questioned the “FIVERR” on their deliveries no longer mentioned the issue after they marked their order complete
To add to the confusion, this announcement is not as clear as it could have been.

Our experiences differ then.

I do not have any gigs that require a watermark, have repeatedly turned it off on all my gigs, and yet it keeps turning itself on constantly so that any image I send has a watermark on it. Only if I then go back and once again turn it off on the gig does the watermark disappear. I send an image as an attachment and there is the watermark on it after I deliver it to the client.

Thank you for such informative discussion. I had the answer in a practical way. When my client clicked the “mark order as complete” she received the work without the watermark.