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I have a client who never knows what she wants and always changes everything completely, every moment, never agrees with NOTHING, if she didn’t like something that I did insulted me and despised my work. After a few long days of change and change she liked the design, but I still had “revisions”, kindly I made them and today completed the order and gave me 5 stars, but then she wrote me that things are still missing and saw others that she did not like so she told me that I would send them ALL later. Already in another job I had with her I also made corrections after completing the order and she agreed but is doing the same with this one and I can not stand it anymore! and I do not have to be a week tied to her with the same work (also she delayed me a lot with other jobs I had to deliver) Should I agree to make these corrections after finishing the order? I need your help!

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Yes, you should do what you need to to make your customer happy.

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Never let someone insult you! I won’t tell you what you have to do, but if I were you, I would already reported her to CS and blocked her. A toxic customer can destroy your business and your mental health, and you have to defend your rights and your life if you want to be successful in the long run. You can choose to finish the order just to keep this nightmare pass and then block her, or you can contact CS and report her for insulting and despise your work (and you by extension)


The happiness of our customers are none of our business. Our goal is to provide them with the work they paid for in the most professional way. And the relationship should be professional both ways. That’s the best business advice regarding demanding customers (usually individuals who are not used to make deals or negotiate).


If you are already doing fine, and you have other customers and orders, I say to hell with her and her order, don’t waste your time with this ungrateful toxic customer, it will ruin your days.


Thank you very much for your comments

Thank you! I think I’ll have to!

When I say “happy” I mean “happy” that they chose to do business with me via Fiverr. That they will think of me the next time they need an excellent voiceover. That they will think of fiverr if they need a service that I cannot provide. I consider that part of my responsibility, Beyond providing a professional voiceover experience, I consider that part of my responsibility to my buyer, my fellow sellers, and the Fiverr interface that brings us together.

I agree with these men. Life is to short to keep dealing with this seller. I would block her. Once you do she cannot see your gigs or contact you. Think of how peaceful that will be. :wink:


I understand your point but if I had a really negative client I wouldn’t want them to buy again.

To @samuelaaron0110 Since the order is complete you owe nothing.


HI @samuelaaron0110,

I checked your gig and found the cause that landed you into this nightmare

Unlimited revisions definitely not a good idea, as it will keep you in an endless, frustrating revisions loop. You may want to consider for limiting revision (3-4 rounds might be enough, i think).

If that was really happen, then you have the right to charge her for extra costs. You may want to consider and clearly state in your gig description about the scope of changes that will be covered by revisions you provided.

For the sake of your business, you shouldn’t. If you have 100 orders in queue (say, 1 order from buyer which is the same as her and the other 99 orders from buyers who value your work) and you still do those corrections for her EVEN the order has been completed, are you sure that you will be able to deliver high quality works on those 100 orders?

Just think about it :wink:


I don’t think making your customer happy means you have to tolerate insults and your work be despised, as @samuelaaron0110 said. If you want to provide an excellent customer experience, as you said, just provide the best service. That’s all. If you call that “happy”, ok, we are talking the same. But for me “make my customer happy” is something that feels you have to obey/swallow behaviours that you will not tolerate in other kind of personal relationship (and less in a business relationship).

When I hear that kind of sentences (like the wrongly and universal “customer is always right”), I can’t help but think in the old 19th century grocery stores. Today’s business is about something different than being a servant. It is a mutual, equally relationship where two or more parties agreed to fulfill a role in exchange of assets or money.

It is very common to read in this forum people that make the business treatment something personal, “kind” or “friendly”. I even read advices telling to treat your customers in a familiar, close way, like brothers or friends. I read even how many call them “Dear”. No, this is not about being friends, make them happy or whatever personal. This is business.

But oh well, that’s just my 2 cents. Not a personal criticism of course. Anyone here has their ideas and ways to do business :slight_smile:


I may be a bit older than most of you. I grew up in an era where the customer was king. It didn’t matter how rude, insulting, or disrespectful a customer is, you always treat them with respect. “Kill them with kindness” we used to say. Few things makes me happier then turning a miserable person into a satisfied customer. Like it says in the Bible; turn the other cheek.


Yes, I know your point. I am not too young :wink: and I began my career dealing with people and selling big desktop computers, you know :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, that does not work anymore. In old times, that was the common thing, because most buyers had also very polite manners. The rude ones were just the funny story. Nowadays, things are very different.

So, for me, stay out of trouble, be professional, and don’t let a rude customer trample over you. They will give you nothing but health issues.

PS: Also, that works the other way: NEVER mistreat your customer or insult him, despite he/she is being rude. Keep the relationship always professional, even if your customer not. Do not engage in fights, insults, rudeness… never. Be polite, kind, and resolutive. And if a customer insults you, report to CS or block him (or both) but don’t answer the insults or mistreat them. As said, business is business, not a personal matter.


Nice to hear it and congratulation.

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@juanwriter you are absolutely right. I appreciate you.

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I bet I am older than you! :wink:


If the order has been closed and you have been given a 5-star review, you owe the client no more. Nothing.

For a polite and friendly client who happened to have a small change after finishing out the order, I might make an exception. But for someone like this? You’ve done everything, you got their feedback, and you can move on. Don’t let them bully you.


Thank you very much for all your answers, I will take into account everything you have told me, really this forum is THE MAXIMUM! :star_struck: :star_struck: :star_struck: