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An inspiring story for Thanksgiving


I feel thankful for so much. It’s hard to just say one thing. It was almost 10 years ago I found out I have advanced stage cancer. And here I am for Thanksgiving 2013, still alive and as far as we know cancer free. I’m thankful for my family in general, but my sister specifically. She has always been there for me, no matter what. I have warm shelter. Unfortunately, I know many people aren’t that lucky. In the past year I’ve started pursuing interests, photography and Photoshop. That’s a great feeling. I’ve been having fun developing those skills. I’m thankful for my pets and usually have one of my cats curled up in my lap while I’m working at the computer. I’m thankful for a good cup of coffee, and for moments of silence. Also, thankful for this exercise as a reminder of what I’m thankful for. :slight_smile: I hope everyone has a Happy Thanksgiving.


We do not have Thanksgiving in my country, but I am grateful to Fiverr because it gives me the opportunity to do something that I love doing and get paid in the process.

Moreover since joining Fiverr I have gained self confidence and I am more aware of the things that I am able to do in life in spite of some people telling me otherwise.

Therefore I would also like to thank the buyers for having faith in me and placing orders with me.

Happy Thanksgiving to everybody who celebrates it.


Thank you to everyone for sharing their heart-warming posts.

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A few years ago I found a photo among my oldest sister’s pictures. I saw a man that looked exactly like my father, but I knew it couldn’t be him. I immediately asked her who it was. She then told me this story that was a secret between her and my mother. My father, unbeknownst to him, had a son. (It’s a long story) He was just a few months older than my oldest sister. Well, I was amazed! He looked just like my father. I was unsure what to do. This man may know about us, he may not want this to surface. His mother may be alive and perhaps this would be an embarrassment for the family. I held it for quite some time…wondering and thinking. Well, one morning I got up and I wrote a letter to him, I searched the telephone book and even though I had the wrong spelling of his last name, I found his address. I drove as fast as I could to the post office and mailed it. I was so scared! What have I done? Well, the phone rang in a few days and it was my BIG brother! Turns out his family knew but no one ever told him. His mother had past away a few years before. He was so happy, so glad to have “found” his 5 sisters. We were welcomed whole heartedly into their family. This was truly a wonderful Thanksgiving story…mine!



I don’t know if i am allowed to make a comment because this is my first day actually. Thank the lord for the opportunity to be with you guys. I know definitely in no time at all, i will have a testimony of my own.

I am yet to have any inspiring story but all the same, happy thanksgiving to everyone.


I am most thankful for everything and for everyone. I even thank God most of the time for the ability to touch lives. Whenever I have the chance to motivate or add value to another life, I am most grateful.

This is the unique opportunity I have on fiverr. I always try best to add value to every customer or potential customer that comes my way and I am most grateful for that.

There are so many things to be thankful for but the most outstanding to me is touching and impacting lives, giving hope to the hopeless and this I have done times without number and I am very grateful for living a life of meaning and purpose.

Most especially, Thanks to fiverr. It’s been my working place for some time now, even full time. Lost my job recently due to a situation quite beyond my control. Its actually because of downsizing. It came so suddenly and unexpectedly. The future looked bleak as new job was not forthcoming. It was as if I was already at the tail end of the world and all around me was crashing.

I have family to cater for and my first child had just started schooling. Where in the world would I get the finance to cater for all my responsibilities? That was exactly when I came across fiverr and I have every reason to be thankful for that privilege because it was an answered prayer.

Hope this inspire someone? At the end of every tunnel, there will be light. Think on that and believe with me there is hope for your future. Don’t bend on to the situation around you, your future will be alright. Cheers. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone.