An interesting observation: Sales down in general or impact of longer delivery times. [ARCHIVED]


So while I’ve been on holiday this month I set my gigs initially to 7 or 8 days delivery. That way I could pick a day each week or 4 or 5 days and knock out a bunch of gigs and get back to FLORIDA sun.

Well, this month sales are down for me about 35% month to month from last month.

Now, admittedly there is at least one other change in my behavior over the holiday (I’m not “hustling up messages to turn into buyers”). However, I’m wonder if this is an indication of the “cost” of long delivery times OR are sales down in general this month for all sellers?


My sales are down but I figured it was because I havent been marketing as much


It appears to have been a combination.

Now that I’m back to shorter lead times, sales are faster again. Back to having $100 days on a more regular basis.


I kind of backed off marketing for a few days as I am going out of town this weekend and I pausing my gig so it cut back on my orders for a few days