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An issue about posting offer on Buyer requests


I have an issue in offering on Buyer request , how it will be solved ?
when ever i open a Buyer request, there is a notification say You must have at least 90% positive rating to make new offers!
i need help !
thank you


Well it’s quite clear and I don’t understand what hell exactly do you need.

fiverr says you need to have all statistics at 90%. Which means that one of yours are less than 90%. Just improve the one that is below 90% and you’ll see buyer requests again.

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and how i improve this ? because i cant take any order or do offer on requests by my own until i have 90% positive rating


For now you’ll need to get offers direct to your gig rather than through buyer requests, until your rating reaches 90% (around 4.5 stars?).

See this thread:

You could listen to the podcast on that about promoting your gig off Fiverr. Maybe promote your gigs on the forum etc. or optimize your gigs to try to get someone to use your gigs from the Fiverr search engine.

Also make sure any order you get you deliver the best you can to help get a good rating. Maybe ensure the gigs active are the ones you are best at.


Thank you so much… Well I have 5.0 rating


The profile is showing less than that though it might only use the average rating in the last 60 days (though I’m not sure). But one of those (either the all time average rating or the average for the last 60 days) has to be >= a certain amount (around 4.5 stars for the average) to be able to see buyer requests.


No, your Fiverr account has a 4.3 overall rating.

If you have a 4.5 or lower rating in the last 60 days, then you will not be able to access or respond to any Buyer Requests.


Alright and again thanks for guidance


Okay… Thank you so much

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