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An Issue found on fiverr's platform

Hello sellers this is Raiyesh Rahmaan hope you all good and this is my very first post in Fiverr community I’m an upcoming new seller first of all thanks for the great platform Fiverr , the thing that wanna share with you all is ,

few hours ago me and one my client had a conversation regarding a color issue in his end project, which is a graphic ,

He asked me to change the things into gold color , yeah I too changed and sent based on my client’s request but the thing he revised me 2 times for the same thing because expected gold color is not matching after I sent through Fiverr, then

I took a time time to checked the color matter yes he’s right and the end project’s color is not matched with the original source which is in my pc. I downloaded graphic which I sent, then checked with my original image’s color by side by side , those are little different .

The question 1 => Is there anyone faced the same issue please share with the post ??

The question 2 => Can I share this matter with my client ? A fear of loosing his trust on platform.

The question 3 => Please help what can I do how can I handle such type of situation ?

, and a kind request from @fiverr-social please check back the issue thanks


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You’ll still need to submit something as proof of delivery on Fiverr for the final delivery, but this being an actual technical issue, you can probably safely use a dropbox. Check with Customer Support if you wish to be sure and/or have direct permission.


Thanks for the information this is worth idea I’ll try to adapt my self to use the Drobox, and in my case the file size was 2mb I sent through Fiverr’s chat , my buyer likes that because of quicker preview, easy for small level works, the issue I faced color differentiation even after I sent the image file the color wasn’t as in my original file .

So my question is shouldn’t I send any worth materials through Fiverr’s chat ?

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Absolutely sent all materials though the Fiverr order chat. Just in this specific case, also send a protected (shrunken/watermarked) sample through a dropbox, to prove that the colors are accurate to their order specification. Let your buyer know that you will be sending the final delivery though Fiverr, but also a secondary method. Use BOTH.

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Thanks for your awesome explanation @imagination7413