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An issue with blocked buyer

Hello, I am a seller on Fiverr I had a bad experience with a buyer so I blocked him, he was able to contact me although he is blocked. now he placed a new order with a new account telling me to unblock him ( in his old account ) and also to remove the review that I gave him.
what should I do? If anyone had this issue before please help me!


Send the screenshots of the conversation to the CS team. Creating second accounts are somewhat forbidden in Fiverr, although I’m not sure to what extent that rule applies to buyers. Ask them to cancel the order, or just simply bring up the issue to their attention.


This is an easy answer: report it and cancel.


Thank you for the reply, when I report him what should I say?

Reporting the account is fine, but you’d want to contact CS, which are two different things (I think). You can do both as well. Just let them know about the whole situation in detail.

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Thank you sir for the anwser

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@finex999 just be strong and confident in your description of the incident. The tactic of opening a new account and asking to unblock and take back the review is totally unacceptable. Trust your instinct!

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Thank you so much for the reply

Hello again Please help me I have not received an answer from the CS support yet
If I do cancel the order, the buyer will not accept and the Delivery time is little 16hrs
what I can do now, Would you advise me to wait until they respond?

Continue to cancel and then you will get option to raise it to CS, and then they will cancel it for you without affecting your status.

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Thank you so much for the help