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An odd gig?

hello people!!!

its been 14 days and i was very much close to my first order but i missed it,i have 3 active gigs and i was thinking today as i am an industrial designer ,shoe design is what i really love to do.I searched it on fivver but there is not a single gig of gig,i was thinking to make a gig for shoe design,is it an odd one to be made?

i need suggestions ,wether to make it or not please?

Chances are if you are started a new gig category there won’t be traffic. Not always the case, but 99.999% of the time it is the case.

There will be very less buyers for such service. Do you offer other modelling or designs ?

Product designs ? I don’t know what they are called.

You have to offer great unique services to stand out.

Reply to @kay2809: i can offer design sketches and photoshop renderings,are these enough?

i am an industrial designer, i can design almost every product like automobiles,furniture shoes etc,please suggest me something,i am not getting orders with my gigs

Reply to @landongrace: there will be no new category, dont you think i can use illustration as my category?

Reply to @asiscreations: Do you know programs like 3ds max, Maya, AutoCad?

Reply to @kay2809: yes autocad and max,but 3d modeling is really a time consuming thing, i said shoe design because i am working as a shoe designer ,i know how things work for em, i want to enjoy my gig

I may be different but here’s my take on it. When I have a crazy idea for a unique gig I do put some effort into it. I still craft it to fit well enough in a current category but I make sure the keywords are strong as well. Then I post it and share it on social media and wait. Most of the time my unique ones get few if any sales and later I delete them. I’ve had one take off enough to get ranked high on Recommended which ended up bringing more traffic to my main gig. I say put your ideas out for a test run but don’t get discouraged if they flop.

Reply to @fonthaunt: thank you for your kind words and i sure i will put some effort in it.


One suggestion I will offer is to structure your gig towards people looking for designs for their inventions. often times people have an idea but find it hard to put their idea into a design or model. I will pay for such a gig

Reply to @ispire_videos: if i am going to design a shoe for someone,that article for sure will be designed on the brief from the customer or the idea of a that what you saying?


It is like with any design. it has to be the customers idea and not your own.

Reply to @ispire_videos: you mean that it should not be just shoe design?

Personally, I would start on something smaller. I do instruction manuals, which can take quite a while to write and am currently trying to decide on something else to offer in order to get my ratings/ level up. Just think to yourself, are you really going to want to offer unique shoe designs at $45 a pop?

I’m not in any way saying don’t offer that, if you enjoy it and the above doesn’t bother you, then go for it! :slight_smile: The best category for this would probably be Graphics & design> Other

Reply to @philtabest: i understand what ur saying but you know that feeling when there is a single order for you out there so atlast i thought to do something unique.

I think shoe design has a lot of potential. Think of all the shoe companies in the world, all the shoe designers looking for inspirations, stuck in a rut, or even customers who want custom shoes but want to see a design before meeting an offline designer. Go ahead and do that gig, see what happens. Maybe it will be a hit.

i have started my gig,now most of you are more experienced . i want you guys to check my gig and tell me is it ok or not or any other improvements?

Creating a gig wont hurt you, so I would suggest you to go for it!

Then find forums online related to shoe designs etc and promote your gig overthere!

I remember when i created my gig to offer Discourse Installation services, it was the only gig present. Then in promoted it in the respected community and now i have like 3 orders in queue!

Reply to @munimz: thanks for the suggestion,check out my gig and please give me some review here about it.