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An off topic discussion with deleted posts so context is missing

You’re welcome to lying buyers who think you’re lower than the shit on your shoe who also take you off platform and consider TOS to be some sort of bullshit that doesn’t apply to them.

@emmaki I have never stepped on shit, I watch where I walk. I know it can be a bit hard to walk and look at the same time.:grin:


I must have missed a part where she broke a TOS rule? Perhaps you can enlighten me.

Furthermore, I’ve never had a single person (on and off fiverr) in all my professional life, who I couldn’t handle. I really believe there is a way to handle all situations for a positive outcome. A bit of patience, experience and the right training can prepare you for anything.

I’m completely shocked at some of the posts in this thread.

Believe me, there are an awful lot which you’ve missed, and were deleted, hence the outraged responses from a number of posters.

I’m finding that the sarcasm and patronizing started even before I encountered any deleted posts.

Who said anything is a right here? Let’s look at my first response to OP after a rant about wanting to review people without ordering–which is a horrible notion as we went through yesterday.

The replies on this post are not particularly shocking when you look at what they are in response to. I am not going to tug my forelocks to someone who brags about their big bux. If you want to, fair game, go for it. Same goes for how you run your business. I’m gonna do my biz, my way.

Remember, William–Fiverr doesn’t have a feedback policy that we’re all party to. Patience, experience and the right training mean little sometimes. But fighting fire with fire? Yeah baby!

How can you see the posts which were deleted? They’re not visible any more.


I REALLY love @emmaki 's sarcasm.

She never takes it too far.

If sellers are struggling then it is THEIR fault. So many sellers think that they should get buyers just because they put up a gig, without realizing there are 100 other buyers with that same gig and they don’'t set themselves apart from those other sellers.

She isn’t really patronizing when she/it is being blunt and honest. Now you think we should be kissing the asses of sellers that aren’t doing well due to most likely those sellers laziness/stupidity?

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Wills could be doing just that. After all, we nasty rude buyers don’t respect the always-right customer, so here is his opportunity to win da sell!


I mean maybe not William, but the wind is carrying a strong smell right now.

On the occasions where I/other mods intervene in an active discussion that has gone off the original topic, there are a litany of complaints about the forum being a police state etc. On the other hand, when they are allowed continue, we have complaints about allowing such a thing. I am sure we will manage to find a Goldilocks-esque happy medium at some point. I have tried to respond to queries of mod actions lately to give some insight into the thought processes behind them but these generally turn into a long sub-topic of their own which I don’t enjoy as every comment I make will be analysed and queried, requiring more and more responses. I think the last one was 30 comments which is more than most threads and in the end, we were in the same position as in the beginning - some agreed, some didn’t.
Traditionally, The Ranting Pot has been one category where some leeway to discussions is given, simply because of the nature of posts there. That is why I am hesitant to move posts into it if a user has posted them elsewhere.

There are three reasons why I did not “intervene” in this topic.

  1. Initially, I was on my phone which makes using mod tools much more awkward, specifically the “split-topic” tool where each post has to be manually selected - extremely frustrating on a phone.
  2. The OP and those commenting specifically on that topic seemed to have finished the discussion
  3. The topic was extremely “live” with lots of contributors and watchers - a sign that there is interest in a discussion.

@emmaki - Quote: Who said anything is a right here? Let’s look at my first response to OP after a rant about wanting to review people without ordering

Perhaps you missed my point, let me try again: QUOTE: “Show her some sympathy. Tell her simply that we are sorry her time was wasted, but that she hasn’t actually ordered anything, so she can’t leave a review.”

Another Quote: "Same goes for how you run your business. I’m gonna do my biz, my way."
That’s fine with me - privately message your buyers in whatever way you want, but certainly don’t scare buyers away from Fiverr. I’m naturally sympathetic and patient, always wanting to help people - you seem dismissive and impatient.

@offlinehelpers - Not sure about your account, but I can see deleted posts - they are greyed out and say: This post was flagged by the community and will be removed in 24 hours. Click to view content" or whatever the heck it says.

@miroslavglavic Quote: "She never takes it too far."
We will agree to disagree.

Quote: "If sellers are struggling then it is THEIR fault."
Your generalization is astounding! Yes, some struggling sellers are doing something wrong: But there are many who are delivering exceptional work, and still struggling.

@emmaki Quote "After all, we nasty rude buyers don’t respect the always-right customer, so here is his opportunity to win da sell! I mean maybe not William, but the wind is carrying a strong smell right now."
Give it a break already!

What the hell is this thread…well, I´m glad Nika’s suspiciously un-PG-13-looking drinks post didn´t get deleted, I needed all of those drinks in the depicted order to get through this thread. The one thing I can agree with apart from the need for drinks is William’s ‘this is crazy!

Also, please proofread your posts for buyer/seller typos, it´s giving me headaches to figure out who´s who/talks about whom, why we are buyers who don´t respect the always-right customers, why 100 buyers have the same gigs and so on. :stuck_out_tongue:

All in all…successful rant on all fronts, I guess…?


I’m not scaring anyone away. Anyone who is scared away by an opinion is being a bit foolish, don’t you think? OP was dismissive and impatient–particularly the latter, and demanding an unreasonable consequence as a result. It’s the ranting pot. I thought she was wrong, I gave her the other side of the coin. She went… well, you saw.

Why should I sprinkle my own kindness, patience and other traits shared with saints on every passing Tom, Dick and Harry–especially the flighty ones who want platinum star service for bargain basement prices on a forum where they’re already exhibiting awful patterns of behavior?

You don’t appear to be particularly patient from this side of the monitor with your clamors for censorship and all the rest of it, I must say.

Just enjoy the crazy thread like everyone else and enjoy the free entertainment.

Was that really the best title you could come up with Eoin? Tsk.


How am I generalizing? If you are struggling, then any of the following could apply

  1. You offer gigs very few people want
  2. Your prices are too high
  3. Your description has issues
  4. Bad rating/reviews
  5. You don’t share on social media all your gigs

I went for a descriptive non click-baity headline - sorry.
Check the Mod Note in the first post too.

She´s right with that, Eoin, it´s not even a good band name.

Ahaha, okay, the last part of the mod note excuses the non click-baity header.

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It depends. What if it was a navel-gazing lofi band from… er, I dunno, Conneticut or however the hell you spell it?

you could of used: @eoinfinnegan thinks @emmaki is totally awesome.

Like I said, I wanted a descriptive headline, not an inaccurate one.