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An off topic discussion with deleted posts so context is missing

You risking to be banned by both sites, here and there, secondly, if you think 2,080 within 3 months is being rich, then I would love to live in your planet. Both sites are great, both have different strategies, and it seems you are so short sighted that all you see is gigs say $5 and can’t seem to go beyond that, some people here make that much you are bragging about in 1 hour, so I still ask, what is your point posting screenshots of upwork here? I repeat you could be banned from both sites for doing this stupid move.


Hush, Abdul, you are a bozo–do not condescend to this almighty and powerful rich man who sleeps on a solid fool’s gold bed.


HI there, I am new here

Oh dear

Keep your hands where we can see them, please–this is a family website.

EDIT: it should be noted that you’re violating Upwork’s TOS. Let all Fiverr sellers heed this: this buyer takes people offsite to hire direct. Who knows whether you actually get paid, or become a part of his ego-stroking superiority complex on another site?


Hey Emma, someone seems awfully familar… :thinking:

low quality applicants and then hire direct

Right on. After going back and forth 10 times with some buyers, they find it out costs $10 more than they expected, and they are gone.

Any seller who does a volume has a large set of “potential” clients who are window shopping, and the buyer walks away, without saying a word.

(Not an issue by me, just saying it happens regularly…)

If you’re a buyer, buy a small project to see how the seller does, plus you get their attention. Messaging back and forth over and over don’t make me want to work with you…


Damn you are so rich, could you tell me how you did it, and how to get to your planet, my $5 could put me in the middle class, yeah? no?

Run away to another thread, while you still can!

This is how : :point_up: <- Click

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One more thing, are you in Russia or India? one screenshot says you are in Russia and another screenshot yo are receiving money in RUB… But you are very rich, I haven’t seen that much money in my entire life,how do you do it?

Abdul, you’re getting the hang of sarcasm now - well done!


Come on Adrian, we’re all awaiting your next sexy screenshot. Time is money, all 2 cents worth of it!

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I did … lol I use to love that show… but seriously is this guy for real?

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Apparently, yes he is!

He is fo reals brooooooooo!


Humanity is a beautifully diverse species–Adrian is just one of the many colorful peacocks strutting on the stage. A bit like this gentleman ostrich:

So why even have a Fiverr account if you despise us all so much?

As I pointed out, Adrian Mole here has a superiority complex–he’s coming to show us just how much better he is. At everything. Including your mom (etc).


I am starting to feel sorry for you now… my condolences …

That’s a rather low engagement rate for 4k followers. Sorry dude.