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An off topic discussion with deleted posts so context is missing

I’ve checked out some of his followers. Follow for follow, or people who have 100 followers and follow 6,000+ accounts.


Oh, Eoin, I like it when you talk like that. It’s such a shame that you’re betrothed to writer.

so how did this get from someone wanting to leave a negative review without ordering a gig to the clusterF*** that it is at the bottom?

Because of a certain someone:


There is a certain je nais se quoi about using bullet points I must admit.
*betrothed to be a writer


Well , nothing you can do about that.
No order means no chance to leave a review.
Pick your buyer better next time is all I can tell you.

Sucks that this happens , but everyone has issues sometimes.

Maybe he had the case of the bubble-guts and couldn’t make it from point A to B without puking in the snow on the way to his camper trailer + the main house toilet…nearly falling and slipping it in a few times there + back…

This is how I got my first “late order” review… Just saying. I was pretty damn sick =P

Hello Adrian’s friend - nice to see you on Fiverr! You’re very welcome here - did Adrian ask you to post or did you come on over all by yourself?

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I’d like some of what you’re smoking too. It seems like it’s good shit.

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Too bad man, every word you wrote speaks volumes about you, you life must be miserable if your idea of success is someone paying $600/week, you must live in a planet where $600 dollars puts you on top of the pyramid and the rest of the village are at your service. Kim Kardashian’s toothpicks are worth more than $600, you must consider her top of the world, maybe you haven’t heard of her since you are bragging about $600/week as if you have won the lottery. I think you are a kid, since you think people are valued by how much they make not to mention the amount you actually considering to be wealth.


It’s OK Abdul–Mike is a close friend of Adrian, just google it! It’s a shame Adrian has to rely on his friends to do his dirty work for him, but I suppose that’s what friends are for in some circles where spending $600 a week on bozos is de rigeur.

Probably impresses those Eastern European beauties though, amirite Mike?


I know @abdulmoti, a whole $600 a week - goodness me, he must be really rich just like he said he was, and we didn’t believe him!


This is another :dollar: $600/wk joke.

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Hello completely random new person who just signed up to Fiverr and who’s first post is to defend someone who was extremely rude to people on Fiverr.
Sadly, your overestimate on my age by 33% is the thing you got least wrong in your comment!

  • Saying no offense does not permit you to say absolutely anything and the other person does not get offended.
  • You should also realize that a salary of any size does not qualify/disqualify anyone from responding to someone who is insulting them.
  • I do live in Western Europe - Ireland to be specific - a country where the welfare system hands out a minimum of $800/month to every unemployed person, so for you to believe I live on $100/month is laughable.
  • Your expert detective work (which includes your expert disguise) also assumes that all Fiverr orders are for $5 which is not the case (although most Insta follower buying gigs are which explains why Adrian might think this).
  • You assume my only earnings as a freelancer come through Fiverr.

Seeing as you got to post a random video, I thought I would too.

Anyway, I’m going now as my pizza just arrived and when you spend a quarter of your monthly income on pizza, you make sure to eat it while its hot…



It’s a bit like when someone says “I’m not being racist/sexist/funny, but…” and then does just that.

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Slow your roll, player! You know, for a young rich dude, you seem to be quite stressed! I have nothing against people who have obscene quantities of green, but it seems you look down on people that don’t. That kind of sucks. Why hate on people who are just trying to hustle? You’d be doing the same, no? Don’t you hustle?

There are plenty of services here that offer real world quality for fair prices.

You’re really quite *********** aren’t you? My post was ridiculing the stupidity of his post. He assumed a short story on Adrian based on hollow conjecture so I assumed a short story on him in the same way. Now look at him explain himself. How do you know Adrian only has one worker being paid $600/week? Did he tell you that? The page he posted had 13 hires… 13 x 600 = $7800/week. That’s assuming they are not higher.

Adrian is still breaking the TOS of Upwork though. Not to mention looking down on the very people he hires.

Care to comment on that? Also, why are you speaking for Adrian–can’t he speak for himself?


Sorry Mike, I may have misunderstood here - wasn’t it you who mentioned $600 per week - for what, we don’t really know, and care even less to be honest.

Bottom line - it’s incredibly rude to come onto a forum and take the mickey out of people from a financial point of view - you know nothing about anybody’s situation. That applies to you and your good friend Adrian.

I’d love to see you participate in the forum, but there is more to life than money, so please do join us if you’re willing to play nicely and within the ToS.


I have taken a screenshot and highlighted the 13 hires… note the total amount SPENT on the site…

Do you require a lesson in Mathematics?