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An offer for the first 5 buyers want me to do TYPING job

I’m Maryham I’m interested in typing job.
Since I’ve been on Fiverr for two months and I’ve communicated with some buyers but not for TYPING jobs.
So, I’m trying to reach buyers who need a typist. Therefore, this offer is for TYPING job only.

I offer you an excellent typing service & you will have the opportunity to choose the amount of money that you will pay.
in other words, I’ll do the job, and the price is up to you.

Choose the GIG regardless the price:
my gigs:


If you are doing typing add virtual assistant gig as well in your portfolio, if you dont know what it is just go to fiver and type virtual assistant

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I don’t understand what do you mean ?
explain what you mean again, please

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people are working as virtual assistant, data entry, change pdf to word, i just recently hire a person for that same thing, just type in the search box on fiverr, virtual assistant or click on the link✓&source=top-bar&locale=en&search_in=everywhere&query=virtual%20assistant&search-autocomplete-original-term=&search-autocomplete-original-term=vir&search-autocomplete-available=true&search-autocomplete-type=recent-gigs-suggest&search-autocomplete-position=0

you will get the sense they are doing the same thing which you are offering


hi ! I am interested


nice gigs though :slight_smile: hope you find the success

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thank you :slight_smile: