An offer that is actually someone offering me a service - this this allowed?


I got an offer today on a gig - which wasn’t an offer. It was just someone who wanted me to buy something from them (Facebook promotion for my gigs).

I have declined it, but I’m kind of annoyed he wasted my time, Is there any way to report or deal with people like this?

I also have a low response rate at the moment (a customer order went to my Spam so I didn’t see the email for days), so spammy messages is really the last thing I want.


Often just reporting them with the button in your inbox is enough. Though sometimes I’ll make a ticket … depends on my mood. Check their account profile in a few days… if it still exists… I’ll be surprised =P


You can report them from your inbox without replying to them and it won’t affect your response rate.


Good news, reported it and the person can no longer be contacted. :slight_smile:


Did they actually fix this? Every time I ever got spam, whether I reported it or it was pre-marked as spam, my response rate took a hit.


It shouldn’t directly affect your response rate but the response rate algorithm is wrong anyway. This or other things may affect it. Only you can see it anyway so I wouldn’t worry about response rate over reporting spam.


I ended up reporting it using the ‘contact us’ form - I couldn’t report it as spam after I replied to the message. Since the member is no longer contactable, I’d say they fixed it on their end. It hadn’t made a different to my response rate though.


@diegow - No … it’s not fixed yet. I sit here during the am hours (between 6pm and 10am) and answer every message within minutes of it hitting our inbox.

My wife answers some during the day.

Regardless , every message gets EASILY answered within a 4h period.
We get probably 6 messages or more a day and answer EVERY one of them.

We’re sitting at 83% response rating.

I’ve created several tickets about this.

Each time I’m sitting below 100% … support will “Fix it” and tell me "There you go , it’s fixed now!"
And when it drops back below again… they will fix it again…

Each time though , they manage to somehow , in their own minds , tell me it’s working properly and that it would have went back to 100% after it “refreshes” …

Yet , I’m at 83% response rate … and there is no way in hell that is true lol.

So , theres that. No , its broke. They just wont admit it lol.
Furthermore , buyers can’t see it …
Does it hurt you in the gig rankings? - One part of the site makes it sounds like you do.
Support tells me it doesnt. throws hands up

Figuring out fiverr is a job in itself. More transparency along these lines would allow proper sellers to flourish. But too much transparency would allow the more malicious and informed sellers to claw ahead of the rest via exploits of such transparency. Thats what I think is going on… a slight mess.