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An open apology to moderator fonthaunt

Ian was a bad boy. I posted on the forum and did not follow the rules.

My post was under review, I checked the forum for reasons and contacted support, and took it a step further and hijacked a thread where I found fonthaunt.

Due to having no patience, I directly contacted fonthaunt. I was not rude or aggressive, I was simply impatient.

So sorry fonthaunt for my lack of patience, and thank you for the advice you gave me.

Fiverr Forum is supposed to be fun. I’m just surprised that so many people get into trouble over this. It is supposed to relax you, not add to your anxiety. Don’t take forum posts too seriously, and don’t do anything to hurt anyone. Never do anything that would cause the mods to take action against you. The mods are sellers like you and me, they don’t get paid for this and do this out of their love for Fiverr and desire to help Fiverr sellers and buyers…don’t do anything that would make them upset.

Hi @ianhamshaw, I have to say that your post was quite surprising and also gave me a little laugh. Sure, it is best to be patient and go through CS just because the forum team is made up of regular sellers as @writer99025 said. When you contacted me though I do understand that you probably didn’t realize that and you were quite polite about your request. Some of the moderators have received some very impolite messages and because yours was nice and I did have the time, I checked out your situation and hopefully answered your questions.

The one thing I have never seen is an open apology on the forum and yours gave me a smile. I must admit it’s not uncommon to hop on to read or moderate or just hang out and find at least one post from someone who blames the mods for almost anything. It was quite a change of pace to see this and while you didn’t need to apologize, thanks! The forum can be a fun place. If you check out the forum rules it can help you know which categories are best and of course we also go by the Fiverr Terms of Service here. Good luck!

Having now seen what Ian had done, it was a minor error mainly because of his inexperience on Fiverr forum and not being aware of the rules. It was gracious of him to offer an apology. My post was intended for the willful violators, not gentlemen like Ian.

Thank you for the reply and advise.

The post I wrote was aimed at increasing sales for all Fiverr sellers. It was written in good faith.

I was simply impatient, a curse of mine! lol

This is why I apologised. I respect the work you guys do, and it is fair enough to make a non-malicious mistake and put your hands up.

I replied to your first comment before I saw this one.

I thing we have all hugged it out now and are friends! lol

I am pleased that this is all resolved like adults.

If only more buyers communicated this way! lol

Look forward to reading and posting more on the forum.

You aren’t the only one who has made similar mistakes out of not knowing any better.
It’s lovely of you to come and offer an apology! :slight_smile: