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An order cancellation, how much affect on account?


Please, Anyone will give a clear concept about order cancellation…?? And how much It effects the account?


It’s depend on your cancellation method. If buyer cancel your order, I think it doesn’t hurt to sales. But if you are cancel (seller), it will really bad to your sales.


On an average you can afford one cancellation if you get 10 orders in last 60 days, more than that will cause your ‘Order Completion Rate’ below 90% and result in level demotion. In simple words 1 cancellation per 10 order.
Avoid cancellation as much as possible.


Who said? Every cancellation, mutual or not will have an adverse effect on your account.


Cancelation alwys harm you, mutual cancellation harm you less as buyer not share any negetive feedback but in buyer end cancelation it harm you much as buyer cancel also give negetive feedback