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An order cancellation

A buyer has made an order, apparently without reading the description. My gig is about finding specific information. So I found it, all I could. In the end the buyer declines the delivered work. (Everything’s as described in the gig description). It’s not worth wasting my time on him, even though I’m right here. If I accept the cancellation, will it affect my reputation?
Many thanks

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Hello alienasaturn,

Unfortunately, no matter whether it is the buyer’s fault or your fault, any sort of cancellation will affect your order completion rate…

Having said this, however, it is a good idea to contact CS and let them know about your situation. Also, attach all the relevant screenshots along with the CS ticket/request to prove your claim (that it was no fault of yours, just the buyer’s). I have read some cases where the seller’s order completion rate was unaffected.

You can contact CS here

Good luck! :four_leaf_clover:

Thank you. I just hoped everything would be alright if the cancellation was mutual. It’s very disappointing to face such situations. What a time waste
If anybody knows how to avoid rating loss I’d be grateful


A good idea would be to let the buyers know (through your gig description) that you would prefer if they contacted you first before placing orders with you.

This way, both you and your buyer can be on the same page, even before the order begins. Of course, this doesn’t guarantee that all your buyers will contact you first before placing their order, it will at least reduce the chances of that happening. :slight_smile:

You could also take advantage of the mandatory fields in the gig requirements section (which can be found in the section where you can edit your gigs). Setting mandatory gig requirements for your buyers can also be a great way of reducing mistaken orders. Because via gig requirements, you can ask your buyers very specific questions which the buyers will have to answer before the order begins. This way, while filling out the gig requirements, the buyers might get a doubt/not know what to fill in (if they are placing the order without reading the gig description).

Hope this helps. :+1:

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Thank you very much. I’ve never had such misunderstandings before, since all the buyers always contacted me before placing an order :man_facepalming:t3: I’m really frustrated but… if I contact the support and give them all the evidence…what will they do? Force him to accept the order? Then I suppose he’ll leave a bad review which is no better.

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Yeah, some people might not side with me when I say this… but canceling the order might be the best thing to do in your situation right now. A negative review will definitely hurt more than a reduced order completion rate. Also, since it is the buyer’s fault (in this particular case), I don’t see any better option than to cancel the order.

Just a suggestion for the next time something like this happens… Don’t spend (waste) your time working on such orders (like you did this time). That way, you will not have as much remorse while canceling/refunding the money to the buyer as you probably do now. :blush:

Thanks again for all the advice.
Haha I hope you are not suggesting that I should stop working on fiverr. :slight_smile:
Completing an order with love is essential! I’m not really sorry to lose the money, I’m sorry I have to be going through this.
I’ll try to make my gigs as clear as possible to avoid such situations next time :slight_smile:
Have a good day!

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If you have canceled, at least the buyer cannot leave YOU a bad review for HIS mistake.