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An order didn't start, and I have already delivred the work


So i have already delivred the work on a gig, however the order didnt start since the buyer didnt fill out the requirements. and now the buyer is out of reach, it seems like he hasn’t been on fiverr for 5 days. so what can i do? please helppppp.


How did you manage to deliver an order before it started? The deliver button doesn’t appear until the requirements have been completed.

Did you deliver by message, rather than through the order page? If you did, then there isn’t really much you can do - the buyer will have the work, and you won’t get paid for it, I’m afraid.

Always only deliver once you’ve got a proper order.


If the order hasn’t started there will be no way for you to get paid.

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because i just delivered the work from the message…

lol… thanks.
then who should get the money? fiverr? or the buyer?

Thought as much - you won’t get paid I’m afraid.

Do everything through the order page in the future.

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okay! thanks!

Yes, you should start work only after got the order; I was cheated once; I trusted that guy and then he didnot pay me after job finished.

dont worry guys! i am lucky, the client showed up, and paid me… :wink:

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You are very lucky - well done! :slight_smile:

Many time buyers order gig, but they still want to figure out for proper order requirements! Means maybe still they are working in it and will be filling it later! So if you are pretty sure about their requirements! be ready with their files