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An order from a month ago has been cancelled

I’m quite frustrated… I’ve just had a notification saying a buyer had cancelled an order. I checked and the order was delivered a month ago! The customer was also happy with the order as they requested that I do another (which I turned down at the time). I had an email saying the order had been cancelled at the buyer OR the buyers banks request? It says the buyer hasn’t been active for 2 weeks so I’m assuming it’s something to do with their bank. I’m annoyed though because I’ve lost money for an order I completed successfully and it has also effected my ratings. :frowning: I’ve contacted support. Has this happened to anyone else??


It happens when a buyer performs chargeback with through their bank account or paypal . And it mostly happens on paypal .Some scammer buyer open dispute and perform chargeback after getting the order . You should wait for the CS’s reply . Show them your work’s proof . Hope you will get proper solution .

Best of luck

I’ve had this happen twice in the past couple months. Both times I contacted CS and they refunded the money back to my account. It’s frustrating, but it should work out in your favor.

from what I have read this has happened to a few people. They are buyers who take advantage of the good work of people like you. to get a free job