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An order is a major issue

Without order life is moving on meandering pathways. I have no order since last 60 days as a result ratings are showing N/A ( non-applicable).I did contact with customer support they told me as you have no order since last 60 days,it is showing N/A of ratings on your profile. Though one year more have passed I am struggling to get level. How many times needs to see the sun rising???

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This may be helpful to you: Getting Through the Sales Slump - UPYOUR


I am really spellbound to see your profile. How to keep up your patience when you don’t have order since long time.

Fiverr is not my main business. I just come here to relax and help others. :slightly_smiling_face:


Can you tell me what’s main business ?? If you don’t mind…

I don’t see how that is relevant.

So if I may butt in myself, what’s the main take away from your original post?

How to manage downtime between orders?

How to cope with not selling anything for long stretches of time?


If I know all the magic of selling I didn’t post yet

OK, I’m outtie 5,000.


Very good. Actually when you have started selling here ,market place did not abound in a huge amount of seller.
Thank you!
If I say wrong I am sorry

But there were other challenges back then:

  • Fewer buyers, at least in the earlier stages of the site’s development

  • A mandatory base price of $5

  • Much less quality control

  • Less protection against fraud and chargebacks

A marketplace is never easy to thrive in. Success always comes at a price.

Are you struggling because the Fiverr marketplace is saturated? Or are you struggling because you’re trying to meet a need that is already being met by countless other sellers, websites, apps, etc.?


I am doing graphic design and I have seen a lot of gigs on graphic designs’ subcategories. Can you suggest me what will be the best service here for selling at present.
( I am going to complete postgraduate on English literature)

Do you seriously want to compare my starting point 6 years back with yours now?

Do you want to see what the website looked like then and how we had 0 tools to work with?

I never once said success comes easy or fast.

In fact I am an advocate of “we’re not all destined for greatness”.

Anyway I think you are answering your own questions here.

You are one more graphic designer. This is one of the most saturated categories.

So you need to either be a great designer, super laser focused on a niche, or preferably both.


I don’t think any subcategory is naturally better than another. I think it’s possible to succeed in any of them.

The difficult part, though, is differentiating yourself from your competitors. This is especially important if you’re selling in a crowded subcategory. Why should somebody hire you instead of another seller to design a flyer? Why should somebody pay you period when there are free apps and websites that do a good job?

Frank_d gave two common answers to these questions – because you’re really good, or because you satisfy a need others can’t.

I don’t want you to reply to this post, by the way. You don’t owe me an answer. But you do need to think about these questions and come up with answers for your own sake. Then, you need to go about proving to the world that your answers are true. We all believe we’re talented. Proving that is another matter.


The best category, is the category that represents skills you are good at.

And, if I may ask, if you are earning a degree in English literature, why are you trying to be a graphic designer here on Fiverr? Graphic Design and English Literature are very different career fields. Perhaps you should be offering services in the field in which you hold the greatest skill.


The only people would know this are your competitors and they aren’t to give you an advantage over themselves.

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Thanks to all. I don’t want to make it long contention.

That’s my main take away. You just said it all.

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Ohh!! Thank you @fran_d . I don’t really want to compare your starting point with me or others.
Keep up you good journey on fiverr​:slight_smile::slight_smile::blush:

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