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AN ORIGINAL AND VERY CREATIVE FIVERR! Your Message in Blood in a bathroom with a lot of features!


Hi dear Fiverr Community,

Just wanted to be creative :slight_smile:


What do you think about this gig?

A message of your choice in blood in a bathroom!!!

Hope to hear from you soon!

Cheers, Alex


If this is real blood the only person you will be hearing from soon is the ambulance driver…I think this gig will get removed as as there was a similar gig to this a while back that was removed. If it is not real blood you should make this clear on the gig or I think it will get pulled.


It’s not a real blood! It’s just a paint :slight_smile:

but thanx for advice, I will clear it in the description.


The Video with a little presentation is already online :slight_smile:


It’s on the front page now, congrats! May you and your red Karo syrup hit the jackpot! :smiley:


thanx, would be great :slight_smile:


With your recent edit, I would be WAY more likely to buy. Compelling video. Spooky. Yet, reassuring to know it’s not real blood. Your listing is very well done. I think you’ll get a lot of sales.


Stuff has found its owner!


Reply to @madmoo:

nosebleed is not so good, hope you have it no more.

I was thinking of realizing some crazy ideas :slight_smile:


Some updates. Who’s next ??? :slight_smile:


Definitely creative - good luck on it!,


Thanx :slight_smile: