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How can I get fast contact with seller. He is not responding.

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Your post is very cryptic (to say the least).

Is ec ***** us a seller on Fiverr? If so, please remove the name of the seller from your post as it is against the forum’s guidelines to post usernames on the forum.

If the seller has blocked you on Fiverr, unfortunately, there is no way around it. You can neither contact the person nor place an order with them in the future. I hope you find another seller who can get the job done for you.

Good luck! :sunny:


If you sent a seller a message and they don’t respond there is no other way to contact them. You would need to give up on that seller.

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These days we are suffering because of those seller . If they don’t care about their buyers they shouldn’t be on the field . Because of 1 person , 100 people cant be suffered .

What suffer are you talking about?

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there is no doubt fiverr always give you the very fast way to contact with a seller and the way is, sending a message to seller. additionally they send a mail to seller email so that you can get very fast contact with a seller. as far as i know this is the only way.

Bit over the top - the seller may just be in bed, or unavailable for some other reason. :slightly_smiling_face:

How could the behaviour of another seller affect you?


They should have 24 hours to answer and after that you should give up on them.