An scammer detected 101% sure


I am an seller
One scammer guy bought a gig from me he made an charge back with his paypal account
I stated an copyright issue for it and he came back to fiverr and requesting me to make an offer again with the option of “Commercial Rights”
I 99% think that he will do the charge back again after I send him the file
What should I do please help
it’s an big project
should I contact the customer care or what
Can I make an offer with no revisions
so that I can send him the offer and the order closes
can he chargeback again after the order is closed


He’s not even allowed to be on Fiverr after a chargeback. Your account is disabled once you initiate that. You should not work with this person at all. But in the event that you try to proceed, you should 1. Tell him to pay you what he already owes you… just know if he’s willing to do that, it doesn’t mean he wont chargeback again. 2. Let him know that if this happens again, there will be no more work from you.


Once there is a Paypal chargeback their account on fiverr is automatically closed.

So the same guy, or at least with the same account, cannot order again.

If you mean that he got a refund, then tell him that you cannot do the project.

Tell him that it is beyond what you are able to do and he can find another seller.

You can send this message to him:

I am sorry, but your request is beyond what I am able to do. I hope you can find one of the many other great sellers on fiverr to work on this for you. Again, my deepest apologies.

Do not try to again do work for someone who got a refund or a chargeback!


ok sis
Thank you for youe help :slight_smile:


Thank you for the suggestion :slight_smile:


Good luck with this buyer and if you want, you can let us know what happened with him. I wish you the best in your career here on fiverr!