An unusual tip for get first order on fiverr


Hi…I’m trying to tell some little tip for new sellers .I started selling here around 6 months ago and I created few gigs about logo design and photoshop editing category.But never received an order for months as most of new sellers.So this tip is for sellers who have trying to make their first sale.

My tip is new sellers must send offers to buyers requests!Most of times That is the main way to do that.Most of sellers may agree with me.Someone may’s there is a little trick when sending offers.keep reading…

Why I’m telling to do that,
Until I become a leval one seller I made 9 sales from sending offers.Only one sale from normal buying method.So I’m telling you should do it as me.But you need to take responsibility that your gig need little bit of attractive.I know you can do it easily by watching experienced sellers gigs. :wink:

But there is a problem!,
when I send offers to buyers requests I never received orders, even a reply message from requests on that popular categories .There are a lot of experienced sellers in up levels sending offers to buyers who have requested and there are around 25-35 offers to single request in those categories every you know until now.I say about the graphic designing field but I know in other fields it’s same on popular categories.So my fresh child new gig never received buyers attraction when I send offers.
So how you get attention from buyers !!!
This is my tip,
Just create gigs on normal categories beside of popular categories like logo designing and photoshoping,etc.I mean categories like this,
*graphic design>other
*advertising >other
*Fun and lifestyle>other and there are more…you can find them by surfing little bit on fiverr.create a gig on that categories that you can serve a service on that field .Then you appear buyer requests posted on that category .
So in that categories buyer requests receive little number of offers and there are a lot of jobs available that you can do.send offers to them.some requests may out side on your gig.but it’s ok apply them if you can do them.sometimes some requests receive one or two offers.Now you can ger buyers attention :slight_smile: .Most of time buyer contact us…
So…start creating gigs as I told smart…
Thank you for reading.

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Smart Tip. :airplane:

I have to wait a month to get an order. Some how I received 2 within few hours, the next order came after 2 weeks. If I know this little earlier I could have achieved level 1 much faster.



Never give up friends!


Hmm, At first glance your idea seems interesting.
But there is also a chance that Fiverr will deny your gig saying that it is in the wrong category(I had seen many sellers ranting about that in the forum). :confused:


Actually It happened me several times.but need to post gig compatible with the category.Not the one gig post on several categories :slight_smile:


@ionfrog, I am not talking about that.
Can you give an example of something that cannot be made to fit on the currently available sub-categories of a category other than the “other”? There aren`t much. So, it will provide plenty of opportunity to fiverr to deny your gig.


Why do we need to post a gig on unmatched categories.what do you think about that .Need to use your brain kid. :smile:


Seems a Good one, Gonna try it, Thanks!


sounds crazy :slight_smile:


I had to wait for a month also before I got my 1st order


I know this dosnt have anything to do with it but most “requests” in the buyer requests are people advertising themselves now, at least for me


That’s very true. As a new user, I have noticed how well experienced people here get orders when they send requests rather than being a sitting duck. Thanks for the tip!


It’s still too tough out there.
I’ve already tried this…


I tried this and got 2 orders in 2 days, Great one.


Love to here that!!! :slight_smile: keep trying.


thanks for this tips


Your tip was much better, thank you


Thanks for the tip. I need to work on my Gigs I guess. I don’t know. It’s like talking to myself when I send out requests.


Maybe you are right.


Where can i find buyers request??