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An Update on Suggested Changes and Feedback I Provided to Fiverr

Back in February, I gathered together information from many of you on changes that you would like to see to the Fiverr platform - you can see the original thread here:

As a result of that thread, I created a poll where people could vote on the main issues and improvements they would like to see, the results of that poll were:

Following that, I put together a document on the main changes sellers are looking for and sent it to one of my Fiverr contacts, Trish, the Customer Success Team Leader. Here are the key parts of the document.

Response Rates and Times Improvements

Don’t Count Spam Communications in the Response Rate Measurement
At the moment, even a communication from a blocked, spam seller has to be responded to within 24 hours or it is scored negatively in response rates. My suggestion is to simply remove communications from spam sellers from the response rate calculation.

Let Sellers Set “Availability Times” and Only Measure Response Rates During Those Times
A suggestion would be to let sellers set availability - e.g. 8 AM to 6 PM, Monday to Friday, and only calculate response times within those windows. Outside of those windows, maybe your gigs don’t show, or the buyer gets a notification of when they can expect a response (based on your availability window). This could work like a mini “vacation mode.” Note that this was one of the most popular suggestions.

Show Any Messages that Have Not Been Responded To Separately
Provide an “unresponded to” message option in the Fiverr communications system so that sellers can quickly and easily review the messages they still need to respond to.

Email, Text, or Otherwise Notify a Seller Six Hours Before They Are Likely to Breach the 24 Hour Communication Period
If a seller hasn’t responded within 18 hours, remind them that they need to do so.

Raising Orders

Limit the Number of Gig Multiples that Buyers Can Order
Provide a drop-down for sellers to limit how many gig multiples buyers can buy - it doesn´t help to set the allowed orders limit low if any buyer simply can order “X” multiples of a gig.

Provide Gig Limits Separately for Different Gig Packages in Each Gig
Also, it would be great if we could set the allowed orders in queue number separately for the 3 options of each gig - we may be able to take 10 orders for the basic gig anytime, while 2 orders of the premium gig would already be too much.

Protect Sellers When There is No Communication from the Buyer
If an order is raised without any instructions and the buyer is not forthcoming with information, or if there are long delays in responses from the buyer, allow the seller to cancel the order without an impact on their stats.

Allow Sellers to Not Accept Orders on Certain Gigs Before the Buyer Contacts Them
Occasionally, the scope or complexity of a gig may require the buyer to contact the seller to discuss the gig prior to ordering. Failure to do so can result in cancellation, if the buyer does not understand the scope and cost of work involved. Allow some gigs to not automatically receive orders until the seller and the buyer have communicated with each other.

Limit the Number of Modifications a Buyer Can Request.
No matter how many modifications you allow per order, a buyer can keep requesting them indefinitely, even if you clearly state that an additional modification will cost extra. If you have a maximum of two modifications allowed, then the buyer should only be able to send two, after which, they would have to pay your cost to send an additional request for modification.

Make it Impossible for an Order to Be Placed in the Event That a Buyer Doesn’t Supply Any Order Details
This is a key pain point for sellers and a major reason for cancellations. If a seller has requested order details be entered, do not allow the order to go ahead and be placed until those requirements have been completed.

Order Cancellations and Deliveries

Allow Sellers X Number of Mutual Cancellations that Don’t Impact Order Completion Rate
Sometimes cancellations happen through no fault of the seller. Allow a seller a certain number of “free passes” for mutual cancellations - this could be based on level, number of successfully completed orders, etc. everything else about the order cancellation would apply as it does now, but it would not impact on Order Completion Rate or On Time Delivery.

Provide an Option to Automatically Extend Delivery Time
I propose an update that easily adds days onto the end of the original delivery date, and also a resolution center amendment that lets you click a single button to request additional time to complete an order. The buyer would still need to agree to the extension, and you might only be able to do this X number of times, similar to the mutual cancellation suggestion above.

Trish passed our suggestions and the document on to the product development team to consider when making improvements to the Fiverr platform.

I followed up with Trish today to understand future development, and she updated me with the following information:

"Paul, I want you to know that documents like this are very useful for understanding seller perspectives on the Fiverr platform, and for helping to guide future Fiverr platform development. As I am sure you can understand, there are future, confidential platform changes that I can’t share, and for what I can share, I can’t go into detail.

The safest thing that I can reply with is that everything on here has been thoroughly considered. Not every item will result in product changes, but many of the pains expressed are already being addressed in new and updated features (Out of Office, new inbox) and there are tools and features in the works to help give sellers more control and flexibility with their orders.

I know that is terribly vague, but I am restricted as to what details I can share. I hope that it is helpful to know that the voices of our community are being both heard and used in our development of new tools. (Your effort on putting together this document is a big piece that helps my team push forward these items!)"

So, I think the takeaway here is that Fiverr is listening, that product updates take time (I have heard this from other Fiverr contacts), and that the feedback we provide as sellers is important.

I am scheduling a follow up meeting with Trish, and if anything comes out of the meeting that I am allowed to share, I will do so.



Great job as always Paul but can you add one more thing to it maybe? If yes, then can you ask them not to stop the new delivery beta thingy they’re testing out because it’s a clearly a bad idea.

If yes, then can you ask them not to stop the new delivery beta thingy they’re testing out because it’s a clearly a bad idea.

I did mention this in my email feedback to Trish, and I have also linked her to this thread. I would also recommend providing feedback via CS as well - I am just one voice!

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You’re the second best thing to happen to this platform in the last year man.


Order completion rate some time customers place order for that thing or services that we are not giving and we have to refund or cancel the order mutually so it will never empact the (Order Completion Rate) there must be a gateway to solve really genuine problems,
Sometime seller and buyer not agree on price as buyer may asking for complex designs or work in basic package so weller must have right to cancel the order without losing any completion rate.

you did a great work for all of sellers yes this is the big issue now a days.