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Analysis, Remedial Measures of any Matter of Your life through Astrology, Numerology Spirituality

Hello Folks! I hope you are well and having a wonderful time. I would like to introduce my exotic astrology, numerology, Palmistry, Physiognomy, Mystic Spell Casting and Psychic readings Services to you. I have more then 20 years of experience in secret mystical disciplines and spiritual sciences. It is my desire to help and heal as many people as possible. I would like you to check my highly rated services and have a technically rich, in depth and detailed reading done for any aspect of your life. The readings can be custom ordered for any thing including:

  1. Travel, Relocation
  2. Black Magic, Evil Eye Detection/Removal
  3. Career - Job / Service - Business - Partnerships
  4. Education
  5. Personality & Psychological Analysis
  6. Relationships, Marriage, Matchmaking/Compatibility
  7. Lucky Gemstones, Colors, Numbers, Days, Months, Years
  8. Lucky Mantras & Yantras
  9. Prasna (Horary) Astrology
  10. Muhurat - Perfect Timing for doing something auspicious
  11. Progeny / Infertility
  12. Soul Purpose/Spiritual Potential/Hurdles
  13. Property & Wealth
  14. Manglik / Mangal Dosha
  15. Saadesati Saturn Period
  16. Annual Solar Return Analysi
  17. Any any other specific Question

    If you have any further queries or wish you to order a gig then by all means, Feel free to Contact me for a custom offer.

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    Many Thanks,

    Farid Jilani

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To all of those who are ordering the Gig(s):

Please make sure you supply all the details requested in the Gig Requirements for calculation of your birth charts/reports.

If you have any comments for this service/gig, or would like any further enhancements then i’d be glad to hear you out. I am looking forward to introduce a plethora of new occult services as separate unique sgigs. Do leave your feedback so i can know what you would like first. Your feedback is extremely important and valueable to me. Many thanks.

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You can Find Out your Hidden Spiritual Potential through this service. This report will guide you immensely in knowing your spiritual inner self. Without doubt, it is he who knows himself knows the Ultimate Truth. So order this gig now and begin an exciting journey to the inner chamber of your soul.

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What does the reading actually show?

Your next serious chance of love, for many it shows a soul mate. And that’s why you are here at this present time, nothing is really chance or coincidence, your inner soul guides you toward me. But for some it just shows their next future husband or someone with whom there will be a serious liaison or affair. This may not be a soul mate in the this sense of the word but it will be a very deep and possibly permanent involvement.

You have given wide range of offer and this is meet my requirement. I have astrology reader and I want to do something about Relationships Astrology and also it may be sub niche. So You can send me detail with sample work.