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Analytical Skills Test

Hello !,
I was wondering whether anyone has any tips on how to prepare for fiverr analytical skills test.
I’d like to improve my score in order to appeal more to potential customers, however I have noticed that this test is not like the usual analytical tests one can easily find online.
Any suggestions are welcome
Thank you!


Since you know Python could you create your own quiz using that, that tested similar topics using random variables so the answers would be different each time, and practice using that quiz?

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That is actually a good suggestion. The problem I see is that most questions are logical and randomly substituting variables may lead to there either being no valid answers, or the question being too easy.

I’m sure you code make the quiz so that there was always a right answer. Maybe some questions might be too easy, but you could always add more variables/things to it so it was more difficult (it only has to be as difficult as the hardest questions in the actual test). In the actual test some questions are easier than others.

eg. you could create questions of different types like the test has different types/categories. eg. some with distances/directions, some with groups of people (where you have to say which group could be correct) etc. Maybe have a different function for generating questions/answers for each different type/category of question. The distances etc. could be made random (within a certain range), the names of the people etc. could be randomly selected from a list to make it random.

eg. generating questions for:
analytics skils, conditional letters and numbers, directions - like in the test.

Or alternatively, search online for similar quizzes or a book with them.