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Analytics amount Question

I’m a new seller on Fiverr and I had my first 2 sales on Fiverr… Just a curious question.
I understand the 20% of earnings Fiverr get but I am a little confused while viewing my analytics page.

The amount there is, for example, showing $141( Total Earnings & Earned in November ) but it says I will be receiving $96…
My maths might be bad but thats more than 20% unless there is something I don’t know about that I am getting charged for or not.

Does anyone know why its show that in my analytics page?

Take note:- One order was a GIG and the other was an offer I gave the same customer for my other GIG. Does that make a difference?

I also don’t understand the “Average Seller Price”. Or more so, how its worked out.

Thank you,

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