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Analytics Chaos : What is that supposed to be?

Can someone tell me how in tarnation are we supposed to quickly understand what is going with our activity through in this graph ? (rhetorical question)

I am building and reading graphs on a daily basis in my corporate job, this is not a problem of literacy : this thing is just inhumane to me :rofl:

Anyone else think we should have our Analytics page entirely revisited ?


It would be better if the trend lines actually followed the height of the bars, but that would require reworking that entire second y-axis thingamubob (never was good in math). Currently, it looks more like abstract simple drawings of mountains, plains and rolling hills.

Great job on the seemingly huge order in early March, btw!

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March was definitely a very good month !

Maybe they should split things onto more than one chart if it would make it clearer.
eg. if there’s lines for number of orders (different types - new/completed etc.) maybe they should be on a separate chart to the earnings chart. It was simpler before.