Analytics - Clicks from impressions


Hi, just wondering what would be considered a good amount of traffic? How many “clicks from impressions” do the big sellers get, how many do your current stats show? I’ve got 2.2K in the last 30 days apparently


Reply to @kjblynx: Hmm, ok, thank you,i thought that whole Analytics section was a bit suspicious, it doesn’t give the impression of convincing accurate information!


They’re far from "random numbers"

Impressions : How often a link to your gig is seen or how often your gig pops up on someones screen along with other gigs. This is important if you want to know how well your marketing is working as far as getting it in front of people.

Clicks from impressions : Well this will help you determine just how interesting your gig is. The saying “first impressions are everything” applies here. If you got a click from an impression then people liked what they saw and were curious to read more about what it is you’re doing.

Total page views: How many people clicked a link to your gig and ACTUALLY landed on your screen long enough to read more than your title.


Reply to @tjhall: Thanks, loving your “Timelapse anything in New York City” numbers!

and those conversions! (i’ve only got 0.1% !) Nice work, i’m a long way from that level lol :slight_smile: