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Analytics Issue. Is that a bug?

Hello Everyone,
I completed 28 orders in my 5 weeks. I got 23 reviews with only one 4.6/4.4 (forget exact amount) and twenty-two 5* reviews.
I just opened my analytics page today, and saw two 4star reviews.

But I searched my profile and all my gigs, there is only one (4.xx) review.
then what just happening to analytics?

It’s not about analytics bug. when you do receive any 4.6 or 4.9 rating - That comes in 4 star rating section.

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Thank you for answering, But I think you didn’t understand what I asked.
I have only one review below 5* out of 23 reviews, yet, analytics page shows 2 of them, that was the question.

then contact the fiverr support
they can help on this only.
Why you wasting your time and others time for wrong question!

Mine’s a bit like that - shows more 4 stars than I’ve actually had, but only on my analytics, not on the publicly viewable pages.

If nobody else can see it, don’t worry about it!

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Bruh! whats wrong? there’s a bug section on the forum, so I posted an issue related to that section.
Why aren’t you jsut ignore if you think its :

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Yeah! But when i first saw that, I guessed, someone maybe edited review which I am unaware, then I just started to check :stuck_out_tongue::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::rofl:

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apne time pe jal gyi tumhari - " For your correction - You had posted - Bug in analytics not Forum - Analytics and Forum is two different thing! - :stuck_out_tongue:

What do you mean?

I am talking about “analytics” a feature of not a category of
and I asked an issue about analytics in forums bug section.

You’re are so freaking annoying and that’s making me sick -_-
I better wanna see some moderators here! :confounded::rage::rage:

Using native language isn’t allowed in Forum.I didn’t understand what you wrote, but judging from your words, I don’t even care about understanding that s***!

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Chill out @n4y33m!

You were quite right to post what you did here, it’s in just the right category - you reported a Fiverr bug in the ‘Report A Bug’ category of the forum.

It is in the right place, and anybody who says otherwise is, I’m afraid, wrong.

Enjoy the rest of your Saturday!

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Thank you :innocent::innocent::innocent:

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