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Analytics Issue. Is that a bug?


Hello Everyone,
I completed 28 orders in my 5 weeks. I got 23 reviews with only one 4.6/4.4 (forget exact amount) and twenty-two 5* reviews.
I just opened my analytics page today, and saw two 4star reviews.

But I searched my profile and all my gigs, there is only one (4.xx) review.
then what just happening to analytics?

Anyone experiencing the gig counter bug?
BUG or Fish, 1 Canceled Order HOW?

It’s not about analytics bug. when you do receive any 4.6 or 4.9 rating - That comes in 4 star rating section.


Thank you for answering, But I think you didn’t understand what I asked.
I have only one review below 5* out of 23 reviews, yet, analytics page shows 2 of them, that was the question.


then contact the fiverr support
they can help on this only.
Why you wasting your time and others time for wrong question!


Mine’s a bit like that - shows more 4 stars than I’ve actually had, but only on my analytics, not on the publicly viewable pages.

If nobody else can see it, don’t worry about it!


Bruh! whats wrong? there’s a bug section on the forum, so I posted an issue related to that section.
Why aren’t you jsut ignore if you think its :


Yeah! But when i first saw that, I guessed, someone maybe edited review which I am unaware, then I just started to check :stuck_out_tongue::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::rofl:


apne time pe jal gyi tumhari - " For your correction - You had posted - Bug in analytics not Forum - Analytics and Forum is two different thing! - :stuck_out_tongue:


What do you mean?

I am talking about “analytics” a feature of not a category of
and I asked an issue about analytics in forums bug section.

You’re are so freaking annoying and that’s making me sick -_-
I better wanna see some moderators here! :confounded::rage::rage:

Using native language isn’t allowed in Forum.I didn’t understand what you wrote, but judging from your words, I don’t even care about understanding that s***!


Chill out @n4y33m!

You were quite right to post what you did here, it’s in just the right category - you reported a Fiverr bug in the ‘Report A Bug’ category of the forum.

It is in the right place, and anybody who says otherwise is, I’m afraid, wrong.

Enjoy the rest of your Saturday!


Thank you :innocent::innocent::innocent: