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Analytics on proposal done

Hi there,

As we have statistics on past and current orders, can we imagine to have statistics on proposals we made but not yet accepted (from buyer request and from direct discussion) with some informations like :

  • buyer
  • gig name
  • amount
  • expiration date
  • a status

Take a look to that screen to have a better idea of what it will look like.

I think this will help a lot seller to improve the management of their proposal queue.
What do you think of this idea ?


I think this would be good especially knowing if the buyer actually accepted someones request. The ability to also check what you put In the proposal would be nice as well.


amazing idea man i love this new idea of yours :slight_smile:

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Showing whether the buyer visited my profile or not, can be added as well.


Thank you so much. Appreciate :slight_smile:

DOes someone know if there is a special contact line to propose that suggestion to fiverr developper team ?
I read this thread and never seen any fiverr response.
So I conclude they don’t read that thread.

i believe fiverr is making note on fiverr site categories for creative ideas like yours

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