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Analytics Page. A JOKE!

I have come to conclusion is that Fiverr Analytics page is a joke. You can never properly evaluate yourself though it.

Keep in mind that Fiverr Evaluations works on your performance for last 60 Days

Maintain 90% Response Rate over the course of 60 Days
Complete 90% Order over the course of 60 Days
Deliver 90% Orders on Time over the course of 60 Days


Now lets see what Analytics Page has to Offer

On top you have Your Total Net Income, Your Total Orders Completed, Average Selling Price and What you earned in Current month

Then you have the Overview Section.

It give you proper graphical stats of your performance about Your Revenue, Cancelled Revenue and Completed Orders


1- The Scale there is 30 Days. 3 Months, Yearly.

Now if fiverr evaluates is based on our performance in last 60 Days. Shouldnt we have a scale of 60 Days there as well.

2- They tell you your Completed Orders by Number but Cancelled Orders by Revenue.

How can i Count the total Number or Orders I received?
How can i count the total Numbers of Orders that got cancelled?

Moving on to the Sales Section.

It tells you your Active Orders at the moment

and Completed Orders


1- The Competed Order Section is based on 30 Days.

Again how can i know what was my Order Completion was for 60 Days? Since that is what counts.

Then there is Level and Rating Section. Not very Important

Then Finally the Cancellation Section

Surprisingly that is the only Section where you have the 60 Day Scale. It tells you about your cancellations their reasons and the reasons.


1- Even though you have the numbers you cant properly judge yourself. Because you still do not know the total number of Orders and Total Orders Received in last 60 Days.

I am not a TRS and i can be wrong. Maybe there is a way you can have the numbers. If there is do let me know.

I recently got demoted to Level 1. Which is heart breaking . I busted my behind off getting back to 90% . I completed orders in 6 hours which was suppose to be in 3 Days. but my rate did not up from 89% i kept contacting CS asking them how many orders do i need to complete to make it to 90% but they did not respond.

What are your thoughts


For the first time I received the message from fiverr support team that I had oppotunity to upgrade my level to TRS by selecting manually by editor, I was so excited. But on 15 of every month, I got the same result that I could not be qualified as a TRS although I had been a seller in 2011 with 2000+ positive reviews and had met all the qualification of TRS. I don’t think this is a joke, but I think this is just an automatic response to motivate sellers to try their best. I had lost my dream to be a TRS here, but whatever, I will make all the efforts to provide high quality service to my clients.


To calculate your rate, use the earnings page…

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How do i do that? i am not sure how that works

You’ll have to count manually, but go back 60 days, then count how many completed orders. Cancelled orders show up as refunds (red). Then just do basic math to determine the rate.

What is the Narration of Completed orders.

Funds Cleared
Order Revenue

what is its narration?

Well, order revenue is orders received. Funds cleared is the 14 days or 7 days it takes to clear funds depending on your seller status. So only count order revenue.

I tried clicking to one Order Revenue and it directed me to an Incomplete Order. So it can not be used to count completed orders

I was going through the same and mildly annoyed that we don’t have a 60 days filter and the process to download the csv file isn’t at all that intuitive, so I find that using the orders page is the easiest way to calculate, and since doing such tasks manually is a no-no for me with a excel sheet I could automate moat of it.

More info here: Automatic Order Completion Rate

Someone could make a ton of money by offering a gig to calculate someone’s order completion rate haha!

I thought it has been discussed before. Don’t remember which topic it is but as I recalled, there are tutorials to calculate the completion rate and orders counting using some convenient online tools and some math work.
Still your suggestion is a good point. Ha.