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Analytics page active orders shows I have 100 active orders


This bug stops new orders from coming in, believe it or not:


It happened last month too for a week, then stopped. Now it’s back.

If anyone wants to check and see if they can see my gigs visible in the listings it would be appreciated.


Yes, your gigs are there.


Thank you so much! This went on for several days last month and it was like I was in vacation mode.


Wow, I just checked mine and I have the same bug.

Do I contact Support?


It’s up to you. Support told me it does not affect anything.


Okay, but other steps can I take?

Did you just wait yours out and it disappeared?


It comes and goes. Apparently it doesn’t affect anything and is nothing to worry about. My experience before was different but we will see.


Is that 100 orders or 100% something? I don’t have any active orders so I don’t remember what that means.


Thanks very much! I appreciate your time. :slight_smile:


It looks like it means 100 active orders. Right now I have zero active orders.

So far I’ve gotten no new orders since it reappeared.

(Actually I suppose if you include the orders that have never started over the years I have about 12 active orders. Those orders are never counted in that figure on the analytics page.)

edit: I got an order so now it says 1. Maybe that will reset it.