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Analytics page needs to show 30 days cancellations, not 60 days


Since we are being evaluated every 30 days as Top Rated Sellers,

why does our analytics page show 60 days worth of cancellations?

Are we being rated on 60 days of cancellations or only 30?

If we get, for example, 100 order per month do we get to have up to 10 cancellations? Or does it matter? It would be 200 orders in two months
so up to 20 are allowed. So confusing!

Having both a monthly chart and a chart for every two months also would help.


Everything I’ve seen states 30 days…including the next evaluation date. So a far as I can see it’s 30 days.
The only info I’ve seen are the requirements to become eligible…but the analytics do say differently…hmmm


I just counted up my cancellations and it is definitely counting two months worth to be evaluated on which is a good thing since it spreads them out over a longer period of time so if we have more one month and less the other month it balances out. Whew.


I’m a few days from a clean 60 day cycle as the last cancellation was near the end November…but I have a few active orders teetering(gotta love em)…so 60 days would help out and basically make it a wash. 30 days from 2/15/18…we’ll see.


You are so luckeeeee! :scream_cat:


At the moment, yes…got a couple of difficult ones right now that might turn that luck upside down…oh well…back to work…that 80% ain’t gonna make itself! :grinning:


It’s because of this:


So yes, we’re being evaluated for the past 60 days in regards to cancellations, which does improve our chances at maintaining a high order completion percentage. I think :smiley:


Thanks woofy you’re smart.


You’re welcome, Miss C.! As for:

You already have charts for both 30 & 60 days, it’s just that they look different, but they’re both on the Analytics page.

The top “Overview” barchart is for the 30 days, and you simply uncheck the fields “Earned” + “Completed” + “New Orders” and you leave the “Cancelled” checked, which will only show you the cancellation bars for the last 30 days.

And then you have the lower “Cancellations(Last 60 Days)” piechart for the last 60 days.

I’d share the screenshots but, you know, prying eyes lurking at all times :eyes: or me being paranoid


That over view barchart has the dollar amounts but not number of cancellations per day.


True - but for that you could just go to the Manage Sales page and switch to the Cancelled tab to see the cancellations for the day you’re interested in :stuck_out_tongue: I know, rather long path, but doable :stuck_out_tongue:


True, I did that but it’s a pain.


However, I’m not really interested in the cancellations for the last 30 days since the criteria is for 60 days - why would you be interested in the 30 days? :thinking:


I was trying to figure out how many I am allowed per month.


We’re allowed 10% per 2 months - that can mean none in a month and 10% in the next month, or 5% each month, or any combination that sums to 10% :smiley: I guess what you were trying to figure out is sort of relative with the current criteria…


@Woofy31 You are being paranoid. :upside_down_face:

In my case, the last 60 days, gives me less chance of maintaining high order completion rate. For the reason that I have stated a lot of times, the damn :bug: that makes the orders disappear.

Maybe, dev team should add a few easier features for following our analytics, and which would also give some automated tips on how to improve. For the same thing as misscrystal said, to see how many cancelations we are allowed to make per one month. Usually, I refund 4-7 orders a month, because of various reasons.


It would be helpful to know how many more I can get before hitting the big 9 0.

Of course old ones are always scrolling off so it’s complicated.


I just realized that now :smiley: Yup, it would be quite useful :thinking: I could know if I’d be able to cancel incomplete ones and such without great impact…


Actually, what troubles me is that many parts of the Analytics show data for 30 days instead of 60.

For example, I want to know the Orders Completed chart for the last 60 days, but the overview chart has only 30 or 90, not in between, and the lower Completed piechart has only 30 days.

If the Completed piechart would show me the completed orders for the last 60 days, I could easily make up a formula along with the Order Completion % to roughly determine how many cancellations I have left for the current month, or something like that.

So yeah, the whole Analytics page is messed up IMO by showing a mixture of 30 & 60 days data, making part of it rather useless as is :roll_eyes:

I mean, why would they show 60-days cancellations, but only 30-days completed orders? :man_facepalming:


Exactly. Since this is so critical, tracking is very important.

Looks like I will need to get a monthly calendar and keep perfect records.

I’ve never gone below 90%.