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Analytics Response Rate Question

I’m a seller, been working since January this year. I just got to Level One a few months ago and was ready for Level Two, but somehow my Response Rate dropped below 90% and I don’t know why. I always respond to ever message I’m sent, even if it’s to decline a gig due to it not being part of what I actually do and I stay in contact with repeat buyers who are in queue to continue buying and using my gig in the future. I haven’t missed replying to a message in a while now but it somehow dropped down to 86% and there’s no way at all to get it up in time for the next evaluation period that I know of. What happened?

Are there hidden messages I don’t know about? My spam messages don’t count as needing response so I’ve ignored those. I also don’t give “followup feedback” when I finish my gigs because it seems redundant, and I don’t give ratings to my buyers after they rate me. Do those count? If they do that’s not how it seemed to be explained to me. I’d rather not lose my ranking. If I stop getting work from this I’ll actually starve and die. I was really depending on this Level Two rank to get more offers down the line and so I could open up more gigs with higher visibility in the future for more offers. What did I miss or do wrong? Hopefully, I can fix it in time to finish out my first year as a Level Two and work hard to get a Top Rated position down the line.

Don’t assume all messages flagged as spam won’t affect it. Fiverr says they don’t but they sometimes might. If you think you’ve responded to the first message within 24 hours from every seller whose message was sent within the last 60 days you can contact CS to check and fix the response rate if it’s incorrect. Responding to a spam message before flagging it can help or if it’s auto-flagged as spam, un-setting it as spam then responding, then re-flagging it can help.

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